Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth, Biography, Career (Updated)

Kent Rollins is from Hollis, Oklahoma, and works as a cowboy cook. He also brings to the table a taste of southern cuisine.

He has appeared on numerous cooking competition shows. Keep reading to learn Kent Rollins’ age and net worth. 

Full NameCowboy Kent Rollins
Date of BirthSeptember 8, 1957
Birth PlaceOklahoma
Age65 (as of 2022)
WifeShannon Keller Rollins
Youtube ChannelCowboy Kent Rollins
Instagram`Cowboy Kent Rollins
Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth $2 million (Last Updated 2022)

Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth

Kent Rollins is a multi-talented individual who has accumulated a tremendous amount of income as a chef. From a young age, Kent cooked for ranchers in Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking. 

Currently, his net worth is $2 million. Ken Rollin’s net worth is derived from the following income sources.

Merchandise stores

Kent Rollins has been making good money with his online shop store. His website offers items such as a Cowboy Hash Knife and seasonings for southern dishes.

In addition, Kent offers spring t-shirts and hoodies that are priced anywhere from $6 to $25.


Kent earns almost $2.27K each month on his YouTube channel. Kent has almost two million subscribers and 150k views on average per video, enabling him to lead a financially secure life.


In addition, Kent and his wife have authored several best-selling books. Their books A Taste of Cowboy, and Faith, Family & the Feast both priced at $14.99 and $13.59 have so far sold over 2,500 copies.

Cooking competition shows

A few years later, Kent began appearing on television in prominent food competitions with people from all over the country. His earnings from each episode were substantial. NBC and Food Network have both featured this cowboy.

Additionally, Rollins took part in Chopped Grill Masters, CBS Sunday Morning, and Throw down! With Bobby Flay, Chopped Redemption, Food Fighters, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Chopped Redemption.

Based on all that, Kent Rollins’ net worth as of 2021 is $2 Million.

Kent Rollins Biography

Kent Rollins age

Kent Rollins, the cowboy for the Food Network, was born on September 8, 1957, in Oklahoma. He is 65 years old as of 2022.

Personal life

Shannon Keller Rollins is the famous cowboy cook’s wife, and they married in August 2011. 

As opposed to Kent, Shannon Keller was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. At the University of Portland, she earned a degree in communication. After marrying Kent, she moved to Oklahoma. 

Cowboy Kent Rollin’s wife was born in 1982, which means she is 38 years old now. The couple has had various differences in many aspects of life.

One example is their ages: Shannon is 38 and Kent is 64. However, despite their age difference of 26 years, Kent Rollins and his wife are happy in their marriage as any other same-age couple.

At her husband’s Chuck Wagon Cooking School, Shannon earned a diploma in cooking. Currently, Shannon works as a chuck wagon caterer while helping her husband with ranching, video making, marketing, cooking, etc.

Besides, Kent’s cookbooks are also co-authored by Shannon.


Kent and Shannon have not yet had children together. From his previous relationship, he had a child who is still unknown. Kaden, Kent’s grandson seems to live a similar life to his grandfather’s.

With his creativity, Kaden has already created various food items at a very young age. During his YouTube videos, he helps his grandpa cook by taking part in cooking challenges.

Kaden and his grandfather won the Christmas Cookie Challenge recently. It’s surprising that this youngster has so much talent.