Cracker Barrel’s Dark Secret – ‘Canadian’ Code for Black Customers Exposed!

One former Cracker Barrel waitress reveals that whenever a table of black people sat down at the restaurant, the staff would immediately refer to them as “Canadian” as a warning to other employees.

… Code Word All Black Customers!

A former waitress at Cracker Barrel has taken to TikTok to expose a deeply unsettling practice within the restaurant.

In a viral video, user Kimmie (@cinnamnhoney) claimed that servers used a codeword to describe Black customers. Brace yourself for the shocking details!

Wondering why her coworkers always identified customers as Canadian, Kimmie dropped a bombshell: “‘Canadian’ is a code word for Black people.”

In the caption of her video, Kimmie expressed her confusion over a fellow waitress who constantly complained whenever she was assigned to serve “Canadians.”

Canadians Are Often Stereotyped as Polite and Friendly

She expressed confusion on the issue, as Canadians are often stereotyped as polite and friendly.

One individual shared their experience among the commenters, “what’s sad is I’ve also heard this used before.”

“This Happened to Me Too but at a Water Park I Was a Lifeguarding! I Had NO Idea.”

One user even said they’d heard themselves called “Canadian,” “Where was this?? This happened to me too but at a water park I was a lifeguarding! I had NO idea.”

Yet another commenter shed light on other alleged code words used in the industry, “Servers will also use the code “The Mondays”. The service industry is incredibly racist- I’ve been in five diff restaurants and saw the same thing at all.”

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