Her Creepy ‘Joe Biden’ Uncle Won’t Stop Tickling Her at Family Get-Togethers: Too Old to Learn Boundaries?

A young woman took to Reddit for advice when her efforts to fend off her creepy old uncle failed. It’s been going on for years, and she’s fed up. Here is the full story.

Creepy Uncle

OP is a 28-year-old woman who is pretty close to her family and often attends gatherings with several other family members.

For the most part, things are fine and OP enjoys being around her family. But there’s one big exception to that rule.

As long as she could remember, OP has had trouble with one particular uncle. The problem is that he’s always in her space.

And, as they’ve both gotten older, the uncle’s actions have made OP feel more creeped out every time she’s around him.

Tickling Her Feet

Now in his 70s, OP’s uncle likes to sneak up quietly behind her and then whisper in her ear. It’s startling and creepy, and that’s really just the start.

The uncle also likes to tickle the bottoms of OP’s feet if she has them on a footstool and he’s always trying to touch her in other ways that are beyond uncomfortable.

Even a simple conversation with her uncle usually turns into a shiver fest for OP because he gets right up in her face.

There’s practically no space between them at all.

Too Close!

OP considers this guy to be her “Joe Biden” uncle, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

At a recent family gathering, OP tried to nip the problem in the bud. She left the room every time her uncle came in and avoided him completely as much as she could.

And, when he managed to corner her, OP would lean far away from him, making it obvious that he was way too close.

But even that wasn’t enough, because OP’s uncle kept chasing her down wherever she went in the house.

Back Off!

Finally, she told him out loud, and so everyone could hear, that he was invading her space and needed to back off.

That didn’t do the trick, either, and OP’s uncle pretended that he didn’t even hear her. Then he got right back up in her business.

OP’s brother witnessed the whole scene, and he’d finally had enough.

He snatched his sister away from their uncle, and the two of them left the family gathering completely.

He Has No Boundaries

Now, OP is at her wit’s end with her uncle and his creepiness.

The man has no boundaries and harrasses OP even in the middle of a group conversation. She knows other family members have noticed because she’s seen the disgusted looks on their faces.

But no one except for her brother has stepped in to help OP fend off her nasty old uncle.

So OP thinks she has only a couple of choices at this point.

Get Forceful

She can either stop going to family functions, or cause a huge scene the next time her uncle violates her.

Redditors agree with OP that the uncle isn’t leaving her much choice, and they say her thinking is pretty spot on.

Most of them say she should be very forceful about outing the old man in front of the rest of the family so that maybe she’ll finally get some support from them.

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