Cruz Takes the Bait – The Senator Was Well and Truly Hooked by a Shark Meme in la Floodwaters!

Senator Ted Cruz found himself in the midst of online mockery as he stumbled into believing a fake photo of sharks swimming on a flooded LA highway. Here’s the full story.

Cruz-ing SHARKS!

This incident unfolded on Monday, August 21, and quickly went viral across social media platforms.

The story began when Cruz quote-tweeted a post by Dan “Big Cat” Katz that showcased a manipulated image of a shark swimming in a flooded highway.

The post “Friend of mine out in LA just took this picture on the 405. And yes, all news and media outlets have permission to use this. Wild.”

Quoting, Cruz wrote, “Holy c***,” seemingly falling for the fake photo.

The Mocking of His Meme Started…

However, just three minutes later, the senator clarified that he had been informed of the joke, stating, “I’m told this is a joke. In LA, you never know… And everyone, please stay safe from the storm or otherwise.”

The senator’s gaffe did not go unnoticed, as social media users wasted no time mocking his initial reaction.

Many pointed out that the image had been used as an internet meme multiple times.

The same edited photo had previously been shared in connection with different weather events, often localized to big cities in the United States that experienced heavy rains and flooding.

“Wow, You’re a Moron!”

Numerous commenters referred to the fact-checking website Snopes, which debunked the image’s authenticity.

Snopes revealed that the photo was originally circulated in 2011 after Hurricane Irene hit Puerto Rico. Since then, it has resurfaced with various false claims about its origin.

“Literally everyone but you knew,” one person tweeted.

“No way had you thought it was real at a point, “a second person commented, as another user added, “Wow, you’re a moron!”

“Well, in His Defense, He Also Fell for Trump…There Is a Precedent”

A third user wrote, “The fact that you believe this happened in California just shows how dumb you are.”

One Twitter user humorously wrote, “Well, when you’re inbred and skip school, this is what happens,” while another added, “Well, in his defense, he also fell for Trump…there is a precedent.”

This isn’t the first time Cruz had a social media misstep.

In 2017 Cruz’s official account had “liked” a tweet containing explicit content.

“It Will Never Happen Again”

Cruz attributed the incident to a staff member and assured the public that it would not happen again.

The latest shark tweet unfolded against real weather events affecting Southern California. Intense rainfall and flooding resulted from the Category 4 hurricane, which eventually weakened to a tropical storm upon making landfall.

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