Dad Cheated: Mistress Now Dead, He Expects Ex to Mother His Extra Kids, Left Without a Mom

A young woman had Redditors shaking their heads when she told her dad that his other kids had no claim to her mom. She didn’t care if their dreams were shattered, either. Here is the whole story.

Cheating Dad’s Daughter

OP is a 16-year-old girl with an 18-year-old brother. Several years ago, their dad cheated on their mom and broke up the family.

Even worse, OP’s dad had a daughter with his affair partner. That girl is now 11 years old.

After the dad left OP’s mom, he married his affair partner. That couple then had another child, a boy who is now nine years old.

Tragedy Struck

A year after the little boy was born, OP’s stepmother died, leaving her dad as a single father.

Right away, OP’s dad asked his ex-wife to include his new children in her life. But she never agreed, and she hardly ever even saw her ex’s new kids.

Even so, OP’s dad often told her and her brother that their half-siblings would be coming for a visit and that they would all share OP’s mother.

Desperate for a Mom

The little kids latched onto what their dad was saying and always wanted to be part of OP’s family. And they really didn’t have any other family.

The kids’ mom’s family wants nothing to do with them, so OP’s dad and his family are all they have.

The situation does make OP feel bad for her half-siblings, and she can understand why they miss having a mom around.

He Expected Them to Be Included

But the constant pushing from OP’s dad has gotten to be too much. He’s always trying to force his ex to include his new kids in everything.

OP’s half-siblings want to come to family Christmases, vacations that OP’s mom has planned, and anything else that involves family. At least that’s the dad’s story.

Basically, OP’s dad wants her and her brother to share their mother with his kids from another marriage.

A Clear Divide

Through it all, though, OP’s mom has refused to take in her ex-husband’s kids. 

On the few occasions where everyone has been at the same family gathering together, OP’s mom and her kids sit on one side. OP’s dad and his family sit on the other.

OP’s dad and even other family members have asked her to try and change her mom’s mind. But OP doesn’t think her mom has any responsibility to the half-siblings.

It all came to a head as another family gathering approached recently. Once again, OP’s dad asked her mom to include his new kids.

A Guilt Trip

And once again, OP’s mom said no way and completely shut down the conversation from there.

That’s when OP’s dad and grandparents turned to her. They cornered the young woman and tried to lay a guilt trip on her about her half-siblings.

OP said she understood that the younger kids missed having a mother around, but she repeated that her mother had no responsibility to them.

She Is Not Responsible

Then her family told OP that her mom should love her ex’s kids since they were related to her own kids.

That was the last straw for OP. She told her dad and grandparents to back off and that she would never try to make her mom be involved with her half-siblings.

OP’s parting shot was harsh. She told her family that her dad should have thought of the trouble he might be stirring up before he got another woman pregnant while he was still married to his mom.

Unanimous Support

Redditors almost unanimously support OP and her mom in this situation.

They think OP’s dad is way out of line for asking his ex to involve his kids with another woman in her life.

And they say the dad and grandparents should be ashamed for trying to dump all of this on OP as a teenage girl.

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