Eric Spills on “Amazing” Daddy Trump and “Unconventional Upbringing” – A True Fatherly Bond or Just Another Inflated Claim?

Eric Trump sat down for an interview with former news anchor-turned-Republican politician Kari Lake recently and talked about his “unconventional” childhood. More specifically, he explained what it was like to have Donald Trump as a father when he was growing up and shared some stories from his younger years.

Eric Trump’s Interview 

Eric Trump sat down for an interview with Kari Lake this week. Lake is, of course, the former news anchor who launched an unsuccessful bid to become the governor of Arizona back in 2022.

She’s currently in the process of campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat in the state.

Trump and Lake touched on a number of topics throughout the course of their hour-long interview.

But one of the things they spent a ton of time talking about was Trump’s childhood and what it was like to grow up with Donald Trump as a father.

“Unconventional” Upbringing

Lake asked the current executive vice president of the Trump Organization to break down his younger years for her audience. “Did you have dinner together every night and talk?” she asked. “Or was he pretty busy working?”

Trump admitted there wasn’t anything normal about the way he was raised.

He referred to it as “unconventional” and said he and his siblings routinely spent “a tremendous amount of time in his [father’s] office” rather than doing normal things with their dad. “We probably spent less time out there throwing baseballs around,” he said.

An “Amazing” Father

Despite the fact that the younger Trump seemingly didn’t get to spend much quality time with his dad, he still said he was an “amazing” father.

Trump, who is on the verge of turning 40, told Lake that he remembers the advice his father used to give him when he was just four years old.

The younger Trump said that when he was 4, he used to run into his dad’s bedroom every morning before leaving for school.

According to him, his father would tell him the same thing almost every day. “No drinking, no drugs, no smoking” were the words of wisdom he would impart to Eric and his siblings.

The Trump Children Were Held to a High Standard

Elsewhere in the interview, Trump referred to the fact that his father had “high expectations” for him and his siblings.

He also talked about how his dad made him work hard before he even became a teenager in an attempt to instill a strong work ethic in him.

Trump told Lake that, when he was just 11 or 12, he started doing manual labor to make money and, more importantly, to develop a better work ethic overall at the behest of his father. “I was on construction sites when I was 11, 12 years old doing demo, breaking down walls, concrete, sheet rock, plumbing, stuff I literally still do for myself these days,” he said.

No Free Time as a Child

Trump revealed that he didn’t spend his formative years playing like other kids his age did.

Instead, he was working for minimum wage in an effort to save money for the things he wanted to buy.

He remembered working so that he could afford to buy a bike at one time.

Not surprisingly, Eric Trump’s interview with Kari Lake started to send shockwaves throughout social media almost immediately.

Some people praised the Trump family for working to build a legacy.

“No Love in the Trump Family”

But for the most part, people took aim at Eric Trump for suggesting his childhood was “unconventional” rather than simply saying that his dad wasn’t around as much as he may have liked.

One X user said there is “no love in the Trump family” after watching Eric Trump’s interview with Lake. “If there is, they must hide it because they certainly don’t show any affection in public,” the user wrote. “It’s only ‘he’s great’ or ‘she’s the best.’ It’s more like interactions between country club members.”

“Complete Absentee Father”

Another X user accused Donald Trump of being a bad dad after seeing what Eric Trump had to say about him while speaking with Lake.

“Pretty diplomatic way of saying he was a complete absentee father,” the user wrote.

One X user even went as far as to write, “Unconventional = I mostly knew my father from the front pages of tabloids.” This was obviously a reference to the fact that Donald Trump used to be covered by tabloid newspapers and magazines on a daily basis when Eric and his siblings were still young.

Eric Trump’s Next Move

Some people didn’t seem to enjoy Eric Trump’s interview with Lake all that much. But others are already calling for Lake to interview some of Trump’s other children. “Thank You Kari! I Loved this interview,” an X user wrote. “We only get to see them In 5 min clips in TV Interviews…I just Loved it! Do Melania and each child…This was great!”

Eric Trump’s interview with Lake is making the rounds now, but it won’t be long before he’s making news for other reasons.

He’s currently scheduled to appear at a “ReAwaken America” tour event in Miami that is reportedly set to include an antisemitic speaker.

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