Dad’s Jaw-Dropping Move – He Completely Cuts Off Wife’s Calls to Kids Amidst Her NYC Dream Chase!

A stressed-out dad had Redditors shaking their heads after he refused to let his wife have video calls with their kids while she was out of town. The problem is, she has a long, long trip planned. Here is the whole story.

His Wife Spends a Lot of Time Away From Home

OP is a 34-year-old man who has been married to his 35-year-old wife for 5 years. They have two children together, a 1-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son.

During the time they’ve had kids, OP’s wife has already spent much time away from home. She has been gone twice, for example, to care for her ailing mother for two to three months at a time.

OP’s wife is an artist, and her dream has always been to live in New York City. A while back, she mentioned to OP that she regretted never giving it a go in the big city.

At the time, OP was busy with work and kids and didn’t think much about the comment.

She Told Him She Wanted To Be an Artist in New York

More recently, though, OP’s wife came to him and said she wanted to move to New York alone for a year to see if she could make it there.

At first, OP thought she was joking. When he realized she was serious, he thought she was being completely ridiculous.

But OP’s wife was already set on going, and the two started arguing. It got pretty hairy and stretched on for a long time.

Finally, OP realized that he couldn’t win. His wife was a grown woman who would do what she wanted.

She Promised to Facetime Every Couple of Days

OP’s only hope was to “let” his wife go to New York and try to help her keep a connection with him and their kids.

So the plan was that OP would take care of the kids and work his usual 60 to 70-hour week.

His wife would go to New York and FaceTime with the family every few days. She also planned to come home at Christmastime once during her year away.

In the first two weeks she was gone, OP and his wife stuck to the plan, connecting three times over video calls.

… But Their Son Would Have a Meltdown

But OP’s son gets upset every time his mom calls. It’s not just a little fussing but a complete meltdown.

And every time, it takes OP an hour or more to get the boy calmed down after their call.

It’s too much for OP to handle everything he has going on. And he doesn’t think it’s healthy for his son to get so upset.

So OP told his wife he doesn’t want her to FaceTime the kids anymore.

Dumping Meltdowns on Him Adds to His Stress

OP’s wife was furious and accused him of trying to keep the kids from her. She said her son would eventually get used to the video calls and that OP would have to deal with the meltdowns.

But OP thinks his wife is unfair to him and the kids. Dumping meltdowns on him adds to his stress.

Redditors are outraged by the entire situation. They can’t believe any parent would leave their young children for a year for no good reason.

His Marriage Is Over and That His Wife Will Never Return

Regarding the FaceTime calls, most commenters think OP is justified for cutting them off.

But many of them also think his marriage is over and that his wife will never return.

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