Dad’s Midnight Snack Crime Spree – His Daughter’s Shrimp Heist Exposes His ‘Shellfish’ Behavior

A hungry dad took to Reddit for opinions after deciding he could eat anything in the house he wanted. His daughter thinks her dad needs some boundaries. Here is the whole story.

A Busy Family Life

OP is a 51-year-old man who is married to a 49-year-old woman. They have three kids: a 24-year-old daughter and two sons, ages 21 and 14.

All three kids still live with OP and his wife. Their daughter graduated from college and has a job, but she’s staying with her parents to save some money.

So OP and his wife still support the whole crew. OP has a good job but works odd hours, while his wife makes enough money to pay for their vacations and retirement.

All in all, it’s a busy household with people coming and going at all hours. OP gets his meals when and where he can, and that usually means raiding the fridge late at night for his supper.

A Nasty Note From His Daughter Telling Him He Was Mean for Eating the Shrimp

One day recently, OP found some shrimp in the freezer and had himself a decent dinner after work.

But the next night when OP went rummaging for food again, he found something else instead. There on the fridge was a nasty note from his daughter telling him he was mean for eating the shrimp she had bought for herself.

OP later learned from his wife that his daughter didn’t even buy the shrimp. Instead, his wife bought it during a trip to the grocery store.

So OP got in trouble with his daughter for eating shrimp that he paid for.

He Wanted Her To Tell Their Daughter That She Needed To Mark Her Food From Now On

It wasn’t the first time his daughter had taken OP to task for eating her food, either. The problem was that she never marked any food as off-limits, so OP had no idea he was eating her vittles until after.

And most of the time, OP had bought the food his daughter considered “hers,” just like the shrimp.

Fed up with taking grief from his daughter, OP decided to ask his wife for help. He wanted her to tell their daughter that she needed to mark her food from now on.

Otherwise, any food in the house would be fair game for OP. He intended to eat whatever he wanted from then on and was tired of walking on eggshells.

He Still Wonders What Landmine Lurks Around the Corner

OP didn’t talk to his daughter himself because they didn’t see each other much due to his funky work schedule. His wife saw both of them, however.

In the end, OP’s daughter agreed to mark items she bought with her own money. OP and his wife would continue to buy food the girl wanted, but anyone in the house could eat what the parents paid for.

OP informed his boys about the new arrangement and ensured they understood that they couldn’t eat the food their sister marked as hers.

The situation seems resolved for now, but OP still wonders what landmine lurks around the corner. And he also wonders how he could have avoided the clash with his daughter in the first place.

He Should Charge His Daughter Rent To Make Her Appreciate His Ongoing Generosity

Redditors agree with OP that he should be able to eat whatever food is in his house, especially when he’s paying for it.

But many of them also think he should charge his daughter rent to make her appreciate his ongoing generosity a little more.

A few disagree and think OP is behaving like a child for adopting a “my freezer, my food” attitude with his family.

Some also point out that he seems to resent his daughter for living at home even though he says he’s okay with it.

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