Dad’s Shocking College Decision! He Funds His Son’s Dream School, but Denies His Daughter’s Because It’s Not a Good Investment

A pragmatic father divided Redditors when he revealed that he paid for his son’s dream college but refused to do the same for his daughter. He says it’s all a matter of return on investment. Here is his whole story.

His Children Want To Go to ‘Dream’ Schools

OP is a 49-year-old single father. His son is 23, and his daughter is a 17-year-old college senior.

OP has had full custody of his children since he and his wife got divorced several years ago, and she does not pay any child support.

Each of OP’s children has a “dream school,” and his son was a strong enough student to get into his.

The tuition and living expenses cost about $50,000 per year, and OP pays the whole thing. He doesn’t want his son to come out of school with debt.

Like Her Brother, She Has a Dream School, and She’s Also a Strong Enough Student To Get In

OP also views his son’s education as an excellent investment because the young man plans to become a dentist.

OP’s family has a long line of dentists, so he knows how well the profession pays. And he also knows his family will help his son study for his boards and with internships.

OP also plans to pay for his son’s dental school.

Meanwhile, OP’s daughter is getting ready for her college career. Like her brother, she has a dream school, and she’s also a strong enough student to get in.

But… It’s Going To Cost About $75,000 per Year To Send Her There

The problem is that the daughter’s dream school is in the middle of an expensive city, so it’s going to cost about $75,000 per year to send her there. It’s an investment that OP is not willing to make.

The difference is that OP’s daughter has made it clear that she plans to be a middle school teacher.

And she’s not really leaving the door open for anything else because she told OP she will major in education in college.

OP has researched and knows that middle school teachers make a fraction of what dentists make. It would take many years for his daughter to make as much as he would spend on her education.

His Daughter Is Very Upset With Op and Says He Favors His Son Over Her

Instead, OP found a state school that’s two hours from their house with a great education program. The total cost would be just $20,000 per year.

And OP is more than willing to pay that amount for his daughter to become a teacher like she wants to.

But his daughter is very upset with OP and says he favors his son over her. She doesn’t understand why she can’t go to her dream school.

OP has tried to explain the difference in ROI to her, but she doesn’t want to hear it.

She Is Sticking To Her Guns!

OP has also told his daughter that he’d gladly pay the $75,000 per year if she chooses a major that could land her a $100,000 job.

His daughter is sticking to her guns, though, and she’s pulling family members into the argument with OP. Some agree with her, some with him, and some just stay out of it.

Now, OP feels terrible that his daughter thinks he doesn’t care as much about her and her career as his son.

But OP also has difficulty swallowing such a huge price tag for a degree his daughter could get at a fraction of the cost.

They Don’t Think He Should Break the Bank Just So His Daughter Can Have a College “Experience”

Redditors are torn on this story, with plenty of them taking OP to task for favoring his son over his daughter.

But several teachers also weighed in, and they agree with OP that spending big bucks for a teaching degree is a waste of money.

They don’t think he should break the bank just so his daughter can have a college “experience.”

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