Dark Desires: When Romantic Evenings Turn into Twisted Nightmares

Ready to dive into a whirlpool of unbelievably quirky dating tales? Buckle up because we’re taking a detour down OP’s memory lane, where each date outdoes the previous one in weirdness! Some of these men need to learn manners and respect before dating again.

He Lived in Slum-Like Conditions

He told her she should wear a skirt when they met. When she said no – he said that was why she was divorced, because she didn’t listen to men.

On the fourth date, she went to his absolutely disgusting apartment. With clothes and empty delivery containers everywhere. NO SHEETS on his bed.

What looked like black mold on the shower wall. A toilet that had never been cleaned. This man was 35 and had a roommate. TWO of them lived there like that.

He took her to an incredibly high-end restaurant and ordered a custom tasting menu; it was amazing, and because of that, the dinner was about three hours long.

He Told Her She Should Shave Her Dog Because Skin-To-Skin Contact Was More Intimate!

In those three hours, she spoke for maybe 10 minutes total. He spent the entire rest of the time telling ONE SINGLE STORY about how he infiltrated a Tony Robbins seminar and realized that most people work for him for free blah blah blah.

One story. He made it last THREE HOURS!

He told her she should shave her dog because skin-to-skin contact was more intimate.

They went out on a first date, where he took her to an indie movie about the psychology of sex. He giggled like a little boy and made loud gross comments throughout an orgy scene.

He Told Her That the Devil Controlled the Internet, so He Couldn’t Find Proof That Noah’s Ark Was Real

They were in a theater. Other people were obviously there for the more profound message of the movie. They were turning around to glare at the couple on a date.

She was not amused and mouthed, “I’m so sorry.” A million times. He was her ride, so she couldn’t just leave.

He told her that the devil controlled the internet, so he couldn’t find proof that Noah’s Ark was real.

He was a lovely guy otherwise, but she just could not get past the extremely religious thing. He proudly told her that he was a Nazi. She is Jewish.

She Walked Out and Dodged So Many Bullets

At the end of the evening, when she was sure it wouldn’t work out, he went in for some unwanted PDA, and she must have stiffened.

He then thought it was appropriate to say something along the lines of “Jesus Christ, what is your problem?”

He had already ordered chocolate cake for her because “when I go down on you later, I want you to taste good.”

She was 17 and had never even kissed someone. She walked out and dodged so many bullets.

He Bought Her Cheap Lingerie and Fetish Toys!

He was surprised that she read comics and said she “must be smarter than most girls”. She was stunned because she thought women had already shamed that “compliment” out of existence.

He showed up to a casual first meet-up at a small coffee shop with a gift bag full of cheap lingerie (all leopard print) and fetish toys that he must have bought in some hole-in-the-wall porn shop.

They had never discussed fetishes or even sex in general before he sprung this very public surprise. She handed him back the bag and walked out without a word.

She asked him about his job and, after he had been talking for quite a while, she tried to ask him a question about something particular he had said.

“…Ok… I’m Sorry You Feel That Way”

He told her to keep her mouth shut until he finished talking.

She reflexively laughed in his face and threw some cash on the table before walking away, with him screaming at her about “RESPECT” the whole way.

After what she thought was a fun date doing some easy hiking and stuff, he immediately started railing about how she couldn’t possibly like him and how she preemptively was a b***h for turning him down in the future.

She was just about to suggest something for our next date. Instead, she said, “…Ok… I’m sorry you feel that way.” and said goodbye.

“I Like To Be Called Daddy”

She guessed he figured out he blew his rage load prematurely because he tried to contact her a few hours later. She blocked him because she had no time to coddle a giant baby.

Then, she met up with a guy that she was chatting with on an app. He went straight in for a kiss after not more than a hello.

She wasn’t opposed to it, just a bit taken aback. His following words were, “I like to be called daddy.”

Now, if that’s your thing, all good and well, but not her cup of tea, and she didn’t want those biscuits.

“Ask Permission To Talk!”

He suggested she raise a finger for permission to talk because he didn’t like being interrupted.

She later learned he had a pattern of dating vulnerable younger women. However, the first red flag was his suggestion that she (as a 40-something woman) request permission from him to talk.

She laughed and said she wasn’t doing that, thinking he would be a reasonable human. Nope, he would scream at me ARE YOU F*****G FINISHED TALKING YET or LET ME SPEAK, cutting her off mid-sentence.

Basically it wasn’t “interrupting him”; it was speaking at all that was his issue.

He Asked Her To Wear Leggings

She asked if they could move away from the door because she was cold. It was December and hovering around freezing.

He said, “Well, you should have worn more clothing,” and stared at her chest. She wore a v-neck silk shirt to her conservative office for work that day.

It was her second date after her divorce, and she hadn’t yet learned to walk away from bad dates.

She was having flirty banter with an online match, and they agreed on a date. He asked her to wear leggings.

“Woody Allen Was Very Misunderstood”

Whatever, it was flirty and fun, so she wore leggings. At some point, she got up to use the bathroom.

At the end of the date, he shouted at her outside the restaurant for only getting up to show off her legs. WTF? He asked her to wear leggings, and she needed to pee!

A dude on a date told her that Woody Allen was “very misunderstood.” He was a science professor at a fancy school in a position of authority over young women.

He also couldn’t remember where he parked his car. I told him he was walking in the wrong direction. He told me I was wrong. I wasn’t.

A “Hello, Nice To Meet You” Moment

He said that her body reminded him of his 11-year-old cousin and that hugging her would make him very uncomfortable.

OP is a 27-year-old woman with a very skinny frame and a pretty flat chest, but this was their “hello, nice to meet you” moment.

He touched her after she explicitly said no on the first date, then followed her to a concert and tried to make out with her during a “slow song.”

A giantess of a woman who found OP in the bathroom at said concert after OP noticed he was there and before the makeout attempt.

They Danced for Hours

She told OP that she would be more than willing to fight him and the safe word was “pineapple” and actually got between the pair and protected him during said “slow song.”

“If you had daughters, you’d understand,” said the chronically single, childless 40-year-old who grew up without sisters. She told OP more about how she, as a woman, would understand.

She went out dancing at an alternative night, and this kinda cute guy was also cutting up the dance floor, so we made eyes at each other a few times, then made space in a corner of the dance floor for each other.

It was really fun! They danced for hours; she was sure she’d made a new friend. It was far too loud to talk, however.

“So Are You Going To Come Back to My Place So I Can Show You Who Your Daddy Is?”

And then, at the end of the night, when the lights came up, he came over while she was getting her coat.

She looked up, eager to say hi and introduce herself, but before she could say anything, he said, “So are you going to come back to my place so I can show you who your Daddy is?”

If you are a woman, then learn to recognize red flags. Remember the saying, “Rose-colored glasses just make red flags look like flags”.

If you are a man reading this, make sure that you respect your date. Bigotry and Chauvinism are never cute.

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