Date Night Disaster: Man Dines Alone While Date Watches – Chivalry Dead or Modern Dating Etiquette?

This woman questioned whether she should go on a date with one guy who decided to only buy food for himself after she forgot to bring any money to their date. Now she’s being labeled “entitled” by TikTok users!

Should She Give Her Date Another Chance?

A woman, Heydi Barber, has come forward to recount her date with a man who shockingly only treated himself to a meal, leaving her without food for the whole date.

The viral video has caused quite a stir, with TikTok users passionately debating whether she should give this man another chance.

Barber, from Fresno, California, captured the entire incident on film, ensuring that viewers witnessed the injustice firsthand.

The video showcased a table divided into two distinct halves, with one half showing a spread of food while her side remained empty.

“On Our First Date, I Didn’t Have Money, so He Only Bought Himself Food”

Overlaying text bluntly said, “On our first date, I didn’t have money, so he only bought himself food.”

Since sharing, the video has skyrocketed in popularity, reaching 3.5 million views and an astonishing 26,500 comments.

TikTok users eagerly expressed their opinions, suggesting that the girl shouldn’t have expected him to buy her food in the first place.

On one side of the argument, some users felt that Barber shouldn’t be so entitled, “Who goes on a date without money though?” questioned one user.

Then… “Don’t Go on a Date Expecting Another Man To Buy You Food. That’s So Disrespectful”

“He shouldn’t go on another one with you again,” another said.

“Don’t go on a date expecting another man to buy you food. That’s so disrespectful.” One user argued.

A few users stood by Barber, asserting that the man was in the wrong, “And that’s on dating boys because real men would pay for you,” argued one traditional individual.

Another condemned the man, “A gentleman won’t do you like that.”

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