De-Funding or “Defending Democracy?” – Will the New House Speaker Have a Detrimental for Ukraine’s War Effort?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a historic vote, but some are worried about what this means for Ukraine aid as some potential candidates for the role have a poor history in support of the war-torn country.

McCarthy Ousted

The sudden removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy cast uncertainties over the future of US aid to Ukraine, raising concerns over potential disruption in support for Kyiv.

The recent US government funding bill did not include support for Ukraine, leaving President Joe Biden in a position where he must rely on potential successors to McCarthy to negotiate a separate deal for aid to Ukraine.

President Biden reiterated over the weekend that support for Ukraine must not waver “under any circumstances,” expressing confidence that McCarthy’s successor would uphold the commitment to pass vital aid for Ukraine’s defense against aggression.

Resources Running Low

Adm Rob Bauer declared that Ukraine’s resources are running critically low. Ukraine is reportedly expending thousands of shells daily, a significant portion of which came from NATO.

With McCarthy’s exit, attention now turns to the positions and policies of potential successors.

A “report card” by the political group “Defending Democracy Together” assessed leading candidates based on their historical support for Ukraine aid.

Hard-right Republican Matt Gaetz, who spear-headed McCarthy’s removal from the House, received a low score on the report card due to his lack of significant support for Ukraine.

Representative Tom Emmer, the House Republican whip, secured the highest rating with an A, reflecting a robust history of support for Ukraine.

$113 Billion

US assistance to Kyiv has been substantial, totaling $113 billion in security, economic, and humanitarian aid since Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

In the Senate, leaders, despite a narrow Democratic majority, have pledged to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to ensure continuous US security and economic backing for Ukraine.

President Biden engaged in discussions with allied leaders, the EU, and NATO to ensure coordinated support for Ukraine amid mounting concerns about diminishing backing for Kyiv’s efforts against Russia.

McCarthy denied accusations by Gaetz that he had made a “secret deal” with Biden regarding a House vote on Ukraine aid, with Gaetz arguing that McCarthy wasn’t on the Republican side at all.

Republican Party Imploding?

In July, President Biden urged Congress to approve an additional $24 billion related to Ukraine, a move supported by both Republicans and Democrats.

McCarthy’s departure has triggered Democrats to believe that the Republican party is imploding.

Sustaining aid for Ukraine is crucial as politicians fear that a loss for Ukraine would be the beginning of a global conflict, despite some Republican presidential candidates being vocally against the support in the GOP debate.

Recent reports have suggested that Ukraine’s time is running out, and they need US aid now more than ever.

Let’s just hope this future Speaker makes the correct calls.


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