Did the ‘Defund the Police’ Movement Spawn Chicago’s Terrifying Carjacking Epidemic and Skyrocketing Crime Rates?

Recently, in Chicago, a driver experienced a terrifying carjacking by a group of armed individuals who cornered him between two cars and held him at gunpoint. The incident, which occurred on September 2nd on the 1700 block of North Western, was captured on surveillance footage. 

The Set Up

The video, which took place in the Wicker Park area of the city, shows a 2013 Audi A4 parked on a highway at night with its headlights on. Suddenly, two other vehicles swiftly approach, blocking the front and rear of the Audi, effectively trapping it.

The driver of the Audi attempts to roll forward, perhaps to escape, but within moments, three men emerge from the surrounding vehicles and confront the driver.

One of the attackers points a gun at the driver through the side window, while the other two forcibly remove him from the car and place him on the ground.

As the victim lies face-down on the highway, one of the attackers ties his hands behind his back. Meanwhile, the other assailants enter the Audi.

The victim can only watch helplessly as the carjackers swiftly drive away, leaving him behind. After they are out of sight, the victim seizes the opportunity to scramble to safety.

8 Crimes in 30 minutes

This horrifying incident occurred on a night when a series of robberies took place in the same neighborhood, with eight people falling victim to these crimes within just 30 minutes.

According to local reports, no arrests were made in connection with these crimes, some of which involved armed intrusions.

In response, the Chicago Police Department said the city has “a vast volume of crimes on a daily basis.” 

Rising Murder Rates 

Chicago has witnessed a significant increase in motor vehicle theft rates, with an 86 percent rise over the past year.

In 2022, there were 42,512 reported incidents, while this year has seen 54,983 reported cases so far.

These figures have surged by 227 percent since 2019, when there were 35,711 reported motor vehicle thefts.

In addition to motor vehicle thefts, murder rates have risen by 19 percent over the past four years, while robberies have increased by 30 percent.

Blaming the Mayor

The city’s approach to law enforcement has come under scrutiny, especially during the tenure of former Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the current Mayor, Brandon Johnson.

Johnson, who succeeded Lightfoot, has been criticized for his progressive approach to policing, including his support for the “Defund the Police” movement.

He made history by unseating a presiding mayor in the Democratic-led city, becoming the first to do so since 1983. He has pledged to create a safer environment where all residents can live and work without fear of violence.

Johnson’s approach to addressing crime involves reallocating funds from law enforcement to social services such as housing and education. Additionally, he advocates for taxing the wealthy and local businesses.

Don’t “Demonize” Teens 

In April, Johnson’s stance on crime was brought into question when he insisted that the city should not “demonize” teenagers who organized an event in the inner city that turned violent, resulting in multiple minors being shot.

In response to this event, it seems many people feel little sympathy for the people of Chicago. Many critics view this rise in crime as an obvious consequence of the policies of Chicago’s elected officials.

One social media user said, “Honestly, I am finding it very hard to have any sympathy for Chicago residents. They have spent years and years voting for idiots. I don’t care if the mayor is democrat or republican … just vote in a friggin capable and intelligent mayor for a change.”

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