Delta’s ‘Number Two’ Nightmare – An In-Flight Emergency Lands Plane Due to Explosive Passenger Situation

A Delta Airbus A350 had already been airborne for approximately two hours from Georgia to Spain when the pilot decided to turn back due to the explosive situation unfolding onboard.

A Biohazard Issue

A Delta flight bound for Barcelona from Atlanta encountered an unexpected and rather unusual inflight emergency that required an emergency landing.

The incident involved a passenger who, as reported by air traffic control, “had diarrhea all the way through the airplane.”

This situation deemed a biohazard issue, led to the Airbus A350 aircraft making a hasty return to Atlanta.

The Airbus A350 had already been airborne for about two hours on its way from Georgia to Spain when the pilot decided to turn back due to the situation.

“We’ve Had a Passenger Who’s Had Diarrhea All the Way Through the Airplane”

The pilot’s communication with air traffic control, captured and shared from, detailed the unusual circumstances.

“This is a biohazard issue. We’ve had a passenger who’s had diarrhea all the way through the airplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta,” the pilot conveyed.

It remains unclear whether the passenger who had the “tummy” issue was onboard when the flight eventually touched down in Spain.

A Reddit post included an alleged Federal Aviation Authority flight strip, confirming the presence of a “biohazard” situation on the plane.

Cleaning Crews Efficiently and Thoroughly Sanitized the Aircraft

Further reports indicated that cleaning crews efficiently and thoroughly sanitized the aircraft upon its return to Atlanta.

Flight records show that the plane was later used for another flight, assuring passengers of its cleanliness.

When the story broke, the reactions on X (formerly Twitter) and other outlets were as you might expect.

Vanilla Poop

A user who claimed to have been on the flight wrote: “My partner was on that flight! It was pretty bad. It was dribbled down the aisle, smelled horrible. The vanilla scented disinfectant used on it only made it smell like vanilla poop. After the plane landed, it was thoroughly cleaned. They didn’t leave until around 2:30 am.”

There were the usual Biden references. Users wrote: “This happens on Air Force One all the time but it’s covered up.” and “Joe Biden flying Delta…Go figure.”

The comedy continued … “Just open the windows for Pete’s sake!” and “Did the oxygen masks deploy”

“Flight DL194, You’re Number 2 for Landing”

One user rated the following as the tweet of the day: “Flight DL194, you’re number 2 for landing.”

“Oh no. I feel so sorry for the poor soul. Suffering from IBS, I can and do sympathize. A pure nightmare. He/she must be so embarrassed.” a sympathetic user wrote.

“Both my wife and I were on the flight. It was a mess. The pilots made the right decision to turn around. The ground crew ripped out the carpet and put new in. Considering the circumstances, the ground crew did a great job, along with the attendants and the pilots.”

A Delta Spokesperson Apologized to Passengers for the Delay and Any Inconvenience Experienced

Delta Airlines acknowledged the incident, categorizing it as a “medical issue” that necessitated the aircraft’s redirection to Atlanta for cleaning purposes.

However, the airline did not provide specific details regarding the nature of the medical incident. A Delta spokesperson apologized to passengers for the delay and any inconvenience experienced during their travel.

Delta Airlines passengers experienced an eventful week in the skies. In another incident, a flight en route to Milan, Italy, was redirected to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on August 29 due to severe turbulence. This turbulence resulted in injuries to 11 passengers.

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