“Democrats Want a Competition, Not a Coronation” – Biden’s Top Man Abandons Ship: Will He Run To Avoid Foretold “Disastrous Consequences?”

Representative Dean Phillips, a prominent Democrat, has resigned from House Democratic leadership, citing his lack of belief in President Joe Biden’s candidacy for the 2024 elections. 

Stepping Down from House Leadership

Phillips, 54, served as the co-chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) but chose to step down voluntarily, asserting that his views about Biden as the choice for the 2024 candidate were causing “discomfort” among his colleagues.

In a statement released on X, Phillips clarified his decision: “I have decided to step down from the DPCC & Democratic Caucus leadership. While politics & official work do not mix, it’s clear my convictions about 2024 are incongruent with the position of my colleagues & that was causing discomfort. I was not pressured or forced to resign.”

Phillips had hinted at the possibility of challenging President Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential primary for 2024. 

2024’s Challenge Looming

This notion has gained attention given Biden’s age and some concerns within the Democratic Party about his recent gaffes and the need for an alternative candidate. Joe Biden is yet to face a serious challenger within his own party.

In a recent interview on Steve Schmidt’s podcast, “The Warning,” Phillips stated, “I am thinking about it. I haven’t ruled it out.”

He expressed concern about the absence of a viable alternative candidate and potential unforeseen events that could impact the Democratic Convention.

Phillips, a three-term moderate Democrat from the Minneapolis suburbs, had floated the idea of a challenge to Biden as early as July.

A Call for Competition

However, he acknowledged that he might not have the national recognition or political positioning required to challenge an incumbent president effectively. 

Despite this, he encouraged other Democrats to consider running in the presidential primary to ensure a competitive process.

Phillips told CBS in August, “Democrats are telling me that they want, not a coronation, but they want a competition. If we don’t heed that call, shame on us. And the consequences, I believe, are going to be disastrous.”

Biden’s Gaffes Mean Challengers Emerge

The 2024 Democratic primary field currently includes self-help author Marianne Williamson and environmental attorney and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

However, none of these challengers have gained significant traction in the polls, even though some voters have expressed a desire for alternative choices due to concerns about Biden’s age.

Biden, currently the oldest president in U.S. history at 80 years old, has faced criticism and scrutiny over his cognitive abilities, with various instances of verbal gaffes and confusion in recent public appearances. 

While White House aides have defended his mental acuity, they have also taken measures to minimize potential incidents, such as having him wear sneakers, practice balancing exercises, and use shorter stairs to avoid tripping.

Dividing Opinions

Concerns about Biden’s age extend beyond party lines. A Wall Street Journal poll this summer revealed that 75 percent of voters believed Biden was too old to run for a second term, including a substantial two-thirds of Democrats. 

Despite the age-related concerns, Biden has made light of the issue. He recently joked,” I am more optimistic about the future of this country than in the 800 years I’ve served.” 

As speculation continues about the 2024 presidential race, Phillips’ decision to step down from House leadership adds an intriguing dimension to the ongoing discussion about the Democratic Party’s future and the potential for a competitive primary challenge against President Biden.

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