Denying Dad His Dying Wish – He’ll Ensure His Father Experiences the Same Abandonment He Endured

A wounded man touched a nerve with Redditor’s when he refused to see his dying father. His family didn’t understand his decision, but they didn’t live his life, either. Here is his full story.

Homeless at Eighteen

OP is a 28-year-old man who has been on his own for 10 years. The day after he turned 18, his parents kicked him out of their house.

It wasn’t that OP did anything wrong. It was just that his father thought an 18-year-old should be able to make his way in the world.

OP was still in high school at the time and was working a part-time job. He didn’t make enough money to afford housing, so he ended up on the street.

After a few awful weeks with nowhere to live, OP finally found refuge at a local shelter. 

He Made It on His Own

Then, with the help of some charitable organizations, OP was able to finish high school and enroll in a technical programming course.

OP was able to use that experience to find a decent job and spent several years scratching his way forward and saving money.

Eventually, OP was able to put himself through college and just recently finished his degree.

During all those years, OP never contacted his parents. They never contacted him, either, and neither did anyone else from his family.

On His Death Bed

As far as OP was concerned, he never wanted to have anything to do with his family again.

But then not long ago, one of his uncles called him out of the blue. OP has no idea how the older man even got his cell number. The uncle had some bad news to tell OP. 

In particular, OP’s dad had been very sick and he was close to death. The doctors didn’t expect that he would last more than a few days at the most.

And the dad’s dying request was that OP would come home so the two men could see each other one last time.

Holding a Grudge

Hearing that news didn’t change OP’s feelings at all, though. He told his uncle that he definitely would not go to see his father.

OP admits he holds a huge grudge against his father and mother, and even against the rest of the family who never helped him out. He never wants to see any of them again.

When OP’s uncle heard his decision, the older man lashed out. He said OP was heartless and ungrateful, and called him a few choice names.

Denying His Dying Wish

None of his uncle’s ranting changed OP’s mind, though. He’s pretty sure the rest of his family feels the same way about him, but it doesn’t matter.

OP doesn’t ever want to see or deal with any of them again.

But even though OP is comfortable with his decision, he took to Reddit for some perspective. He realizes he’s denying a dying man his last wish and wonders if that makes him a bad person.

Ungrateful? For What?

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and his stance against seeing his family.

They don’t think the fact that his father is dying changes anything, and they agree with OP that his entire family seems to have abandoned him.

Some point out that it’s almost laughable for the uncle to say OP is ungrateful since his parents gave him nothing at all to be grateful for.

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