DeSantis Drops Bombshell as He Threatens To Use Drone Strikes Against Mexican Drug Cartels in Bold Presidential Bid!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently made waves with his resolute stance on addressing the challenges posed by Mexican drug cartels and securing the southern border of the United States. Here’s the full story.

“Whatever Force We Need To”

During a campaign stop in Iowa, DeSantis explicitly declared his commitment to using “whatever force we need to” to tackle the threat posed by these criminal organizations.

DeSantis said, “We will lean in against the drug cartels. We will absolutely reserve a right — if they’re invading our country and killing our people — we have a right to defend this country.”

The context of DeSantis’ statement revolves around the mounting concerns surrounding Mexican drug cartels and their impact on the United States.

The increasing drug trade and related violence have raised alarm bells among policymakers and citizens alike.

Against Drug Smugglers and Human Traffickers

When asked about the potential use of drones and military force against drug smugglers and human traffickers operating along the southern border, DeSantis did not shy away from his stance.

“Yes, I’ve already said that we will,” DeSantis responded.

The governor’s stance aligns with a growing chorus of Republicans who have called for more robust measures at the border as the migrant crisis escalates.

The influx of migrants, particularly amid concerns about criminal elements among those crossing the border, has spurred discussions about the necessity of robust border security measures.

“They’re Killing Tens of Thousands of Americans Right Now”

Even President Biden, a Democrat, sent active-duty soldiers to the border to assist with administrative and transport duties.

DeSantis’ argument that the Mexican drug cartels represent a grave threat to the United States is underscored by their involvement in various criminal activities, from drug trafficking to human exploitation.

He said, “They’re killing tens of thousands of Americans right now. They’re trafficking people into this country. They’re abusing people, sexual abuse.”

“It’s really the worst of humanity. I would categorize them as something akin to a foreign terrorist organization. I think that’s what they’ve proven to be,” he added.

“So, in Other Words, He Said He Would Do Preemptive Strikes on Mexico!! Idiot!”

DeSantis went on to say, “The Mexican government is not doing what they need to do to help with this. But we said from day one on our border announcement, we’d be willing to lean in against them, and we reserve the right to defend the country.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Not really a DeSantis fan, but it is about time someone said something about this.”

Another user added, “So, in other words, he said he would do preemptive strikes on Mexico!! Idiot!”

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