Desantis’ Playbook Exposed – Trump Defense and ‘Fake Vivek’ Attacks Laid Bare Ahead of the GOP Debate

As the GOP presidential primary debate approaches, allies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have outlined a strategic plan to navigate the upcoming event. 

Defend Former President Trump From Potential Attacks by His Rivals

In a two-page memo by the pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, published by Axiom Strategies on August 15th, the allies detail key objectives for DeSantis in defending former President Donald Trump from attacks by Chris Christie and addressing upstart contender Vivek Ramaswamy.

The memo underscores the need for Governor DeSantis to defend former President Trump from potential attacks by his rivals.

One suggested response for DeSantis is to avoid unnecessary conflict, stating, “Trump isn’t here, so let’s just leave him alone. He’s too weak to defend himself here.”

“Fake Vivek” or “Vivek the Fake”

The memo also highlights the importance of addressing Vivek Ramaswamy, suggesting strong language such as referring to him as “Fake Vivek” or “Vivek the Fake.”

The memo emphasizes DeSantis’s need to engage with the audience and his fellow candidates proactively.

It lists four critical objectives for DeSantis to accomplish on stage.

These include defending Trump, attacking Ramaswamy, blasting President Joe Biden and the press, and conveying a positive vision for the country.

A Torchbearer for Trumpism

The memo also explains how DeSantis should respond when other candidates invoke his name.

If DeSantis faces a core attack on his candidacy, the memo advises him to correct the record, highlight positive aspects, and address the attacker if it’s a significant candidate. DeSantis can also pivot to discussing President Biden.

The memo suggests that DeSantis should focus on his message and vision for less significant attacks, engaging with voters from specific states.

The strategy outlined in the memo aims to position DeSantis as a torchbearer for Trumpism. It suggests that DeSantis should present himself as a leader ready to carry forward the legacy of former President Trump.

To Connect With Voters on a More Personal Level

Moreover, the memo recommends that DeSantis include a personal anecdote or story about his family, children, or wife, Casey DeSantis while showing emotion. This approach aims to connect with voters on a more personal level.

While the outlined strategy has received praise from some within DeSantis’ political circle, it has also raised questions from seasoned Republican strategists.

Some find the memo’s suggestions insightful, while others view it as a risky move to publish such a detailed plan.

Some believe publicizing these strategies could limit DeSantis’ maneuverability, as opponents might be prepared to counter his pre-planned responses.

Engaging With Rivals and Voters

As the GOP presidential primary debate approaches, the strategy memo by DeSantis allies sheds light on their game plan.

It outlines a comprehensive approach focusing on defending Trump, addressing competitors, conveying a clear vision, and engaging with rivals and voters.

Ultimately, the debate will test DeSantis and his ability to navigate these challenges and solidify his position in the race.

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