DeSantis vs. Trump – A War of Words Ignites as Rumors and Retorts Fly Over Presidential Ambitions

The political arena was once again electrified as Ron DeSantis’ team swiftly countered rumors ignited by former President Donald Trump. Here’s what happened.

Is Ron Desantis’ Presidential Campaign in Disarray?

In a post on his Truth Social account on Monday, August 28, Donald Trump suggested that Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign was in disarray, with plummeting poll numbers forcing the Florida governor to consider bowing out of the race.

The former president hinted that DeSantis might opt to run for the Senate in Florida against Rick Scott instead.

He wrote, “Rumors are strong in political circles that Ron DeSanctimonious, whose Presidential run is a [sic] shambles, and whose poll numbers have absolutely crashed, putting him 3rd and 4th in some states, will be dropping out of the Presidential race in order to run, in Florida, against Rick Scott for Senate.”

“Now That’s an Interesting One, Isn’t It?”

Trump’s statement concluded with the question, “Now that’s an interesting one, isn’t it?”

Swiftly responding to these claims, DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, refuted the rumors as “fake news.”

Griffin expressed confidence in DeSantis’ campaign momentum and debate performance, emphasizing that the presidential race was a two-person contest.

He wrote, “Clearly, Donald Trump and his army of consultants are panicked about @RonDeSantis’ winning debate performance and the strong momentum that has followed.”

A “Bomb”

“Instead of pushing fake news from New Jersey, the Trump campaign should be focused on getting their candidate on the campaign trail in Iowa and on the debate stage before it’s too late,” he added.

Moreover, Trump’s remarks, following the Fox News Republican Primary debate, branding DeSantis’ performance as a “bomb,” added fuel to the ongoing discourse surrounding DeSantis’ candidacy.

Trump’s history of engaging in pointed rhetoric against DeSantis is not new.

Throughout DeSantis’ campaign, the former president has used nicknames such as “Ron DeSanctus” and “Meatball Ron.”

“At This Point, Only Trump’s Cult Believes Anything He Says.  So Let Him Rant and Rave, His Audience of Flunkies Has Become Smaller and Smaller”

In July, Trump claimed DeSantis’ poll numbers were declining as the public became more familiar with him, adding that he was “cold as ICE” and detrimental to the party.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “If Trump orders DeSantis or most of the other GOP candidates to drop out, they will.  Republicans obey their leader.”

Another user added, “At this point, only Trump’s cult believes anything he says.  So let him rant and rave, his audience of flunkies has become smaller and smaller.”

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