She Didn’t Respect Anyone’s Privacy in the Locker Room and Is Facing the Consequences

One woman decided to film herself posing in the gym locker room to get views on TikTok while at the same time slamming a woman behind her for not smiling back at her while the TikToker invaded the poor woman’s privacy. Popular TikToker Joey Swoll has blasted the woman for not showing respect in the locker room.

Behind the Camera

In a TikTok video taken inside a gym locker room, a woman’s decision to pose for the camera has caused an uproar online. 

What caught the attention of many was an unsuspecting fellow gym-goer captured in the background.

The TikToker, let’s call her Josie, shared her anger at the woman, writing, “This woman was NOT having it!” 

Despite realizing she was being recorded, the woman in the background appeared to be sorting her belongings.

An Unwelcomed Smile

Josie continued her video and posing, claiming she even tried to engage with the woman afterward, but the response she received was far from welcoming. 

“I tried smiling and saying hi after, but she just rolled her eyes and flat-out ignored me,” she added.

Criticism poured in for the woman’s choice of location for her video, and one notable voice was that of TikToker and “CEO of Gym Positivity,” Joey Swoll (@thejoeyswoll). 

“So you’re wanting to film yourself practicing posing in the locker room, you feel you have the right to post this woman, to be upset with her and say she has resting b*** face? Really?”

A Push for Privacy

In a powerful message, Swoll emphasized that privacy should always be respected over capturing content. 

“You wanting to take a video, take a photo in a locker room, in a private bathroom is never more important than somebody’s right to privacy,” he asserted. “That’s not just an opinion, that’s the law.”

The response to Swoll’s video was overwhelming, with people supporting his stance on privacy. 

A Shocking Twist

In the original video posted by Josie, Swoll even points out a shocking comment showing support for Josie.

A different gym content creator posted the comment, “I did it all the time (filming in the locker room). If they can’t understand, really not your problem.”

You can have your say on the heated debate by dropping a comment right here.

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