Dinner Table Confessions: Woman’s Brutal Honesty Ignites Family Firestorm Over Unexpected Pregnancy – “The Baby Is Innocent but Will Have an Awful Life Because Its Father Can’t Provide for His Family”

A woman stirred up Redditors after she told her sister-in-law she was making a mistake by having another baby. It wasn’t quite the congratulations everyone at the dinner table was expecting! Here is the full story. 

Her Brother Can’t Cover His Own Expenses

OP has a brother who is married to a 27-year-old woman. The couple has one son, and that’s all they can handle, as far as OP is concerned.

The problem is that OP’s brother works a spotty sales job and can’t bring home a steady paycheck. And even the money he does make is pretty light.

Consequently, OP’s brother can’t support himself, his wife, and his son. To help cover the gap, OP’s mom and sister send money to her brother monthly.

A while back, the brother’s wife came to OP and told her that she wanted another kid so her son wouldn’t be an only child. OP offered some harsh advice.

How in the World Did They Think They Could Afford Another Baby?

OP told her sister-in-law that the couple was struggling to survive with just one child. How in the world did they think they could afford another baby?

Then OP said that her sister-in-law should wait to get pregnant until her husband, OP’s brother, got a better job. Or unto; the SIL herself got a job to help pay the bills.

OP’s sister-in-law didn’t have much to say about that advice, but OP told her brother the same thing.

Then, not long ago, OP’s brother called her and told her that his wife was pregnant. OP wished him luck with the new baby but fell short of offering congratulations.

… And Her SIL Got Pregnant

Over the next few weeks, OP avoided her brother and sister-in-law. She never called to congratulate the woman and skipped out on a baby shower they threw, saying she was busy.

But then OP’s parents had everyone over for dinner, and OP couldn’t longer avoid her sister-in-law.

Almost as soon as they sat down, the other woman turned to OP and asked if she knew she was pregnant.

OP acknowledged that she knew about the pregnancy and wished her sister-in-law good luck. However, the other woman was disappointed with that response and asked OP if she was happy for them.

… And Begged Her for Her Honest Opinion!

OP didn’t want to get into a big argument, so she said her feelings about the pregnancy didn’t matter. But her sister-in-law wouldn’t let it drop and insisted that she wanted to know what OP thought.

And then OP’s sister-in-law lit the fuse by begging her to be “honest” with her opinion.

Pushed to the edge, OP told her sister-in-law again that she thought having another baby was a mistake.

She said the baby was innocent but would have an awful life because its father couldn’t provide for the family.

“They Were Selfish To Bring Another Life Into the World”

OP kept rolling, saying that her sister-in-law and brother were selfish to bring another life into the world when they couldn’t even take care of themselves.

She asked if her mother planned to pay for the new baby’s expenses, too.

Then, OP’s sister-in-law cut her off and said the baby wasn’t her business. She also said she was just being polite when she asked for OP’s opinion, not looking for judgment.

OP pointed out that her sister-in-law had begged her to be honest about her feelings. The SIL replied that being honest and being a jerk are two different things.

Her Mom Chewed Her Out for Causing a Scene!

With that, her sister-in-law stormed off to find her husband while OP grabbed her purse and left.

Later that evening, OP’s mom called to chew her out for causing a scene and hurting her sister-in-law’s feelings. Mom said OP had no right to comment other than to offer congratulations.

Now OP feels bad for ruffling feathers with her brother and sister-in-law, even though she still thinks she was right.

She Was in the Right

Most Redditors think OP was well within her right to tell it as she saw it, especially when her sister-in-law begged her for honesty.

Some commenters think OP should have just offered congratulations to keep the peace since she had already made her feelings known. Even they admit she was right, however.

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