“Disgusting, Shameless Liar”: Biden Lies About His Whereabouts Following 9/11 Terror Attacks

On September 11, 2023, President Joe Biden found himself embroiled in controversy as he made a false statement about his whereabouts the day after the tragic terrorist attacks on the United States. Here’s the full story.

“Looking Through Gates of H—“

During his speech from Alaska, President Biden said, “Ground Zero in New York, I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building. I felt like I was looking through the gates of H—, it looked so devastating.”

However, fact-checkers quickly pointed out that he was actually in Washington, D.C. on September 12, 2001.

Not only did his apparent misstatement raise eyebrows, but his decision to break with tradition and forgo a visit to the 9/11 memorial site on the anniversary of that fateful day also drew significant criticism.

Not Where He Said He Was

The Republican National Committee’s Twitter account highlighted this difference, posting, “On September 12, 2001, Biden was in Washington, D.C., for a Senate session.”

Former Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker joined in the criticism, slamming Biden with the comment, “Wow. Joe Biden even lies about 9/11. He is a disgrace.”

Kari Lake, a Republican politician accused President Biden of distorting his past, saying, “Joe Biden’s famous ’empathy’ is nothing more than a series of lies, plagiarism, and grotesque distortions of his past.”

Biden Caught Lying

She went on to say that Biden was “nowhere near New York City the day after 9/11,” while also drawing attention to former President Donald Trump’s presence in Manhattan following the terrorist attacks.

Internet personality Joey Mannarino wrote, “Joe Biden is an egregious liar and this might be his worst one yet. Now, he’s saying he was at the site of the Twin Towers the day after 9/11/2001. Even George W. Bush didn’t get there until 9/14/2001. What a disgusting, shameless liar. A complete insult to the survivors and families of those who died there.”

Nowhere Near Ground Zero

Several social media users also shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “Joe Biden just completely lied about being at Ground Zero the day after 9/11. He was in D.C. The Senate convened on 9/12/01 to condemn the attack.”

Another added, “Never forget…and then he immediately forgets where he was.”

A third user commented, “At this point, nothing Biden says can be credible.”

Autobiography Full of Holes

A fourth user wrote, “He even wrote about being at the senate hearing in his autobiography. This is a slap in the face to every American, especially those who were killed that day.”

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