“Making Nightmares Come True” – Disney Employees Caught in Human Trafficking Ring Sting

A massive human trafficking operation in Polk County, Florida led to a record-breaking 219 arrests, including individuals with diverse backgrounds and shocking revelations of exploitation.

Human Trafficking Operation

Florida authorities have announced the outcomes of a massive human trafficking operation, resulting in an unprecedented 219 arrests.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd shared the results of the extensive human trafficking operation conducted earlier this month.

With 219 arrests, this operation is the largest human trafficking bust ever seen in Polk County.

Among the individuals arrested during the operation were illegal aliens, a high school teacher, and three Disney employees, as revealed by Sheriff Grady Judd.

Traffickers Charged

These arrests raised eyebrows due to the diverse backgrounds and occupations of those involved.

Freddy Escalona (30) and Maria Guzman (36) faced charges of human trafficking and deriving proceeds from prostitution. 

Freddy Escalona was accused of coercing a victim into prostitution after providing financial assistance for car repairs.

Maria Guzman allegedly trafficked two victims from an Orlando hotel, facilitating their illegal activities and profiting from their earnings.

Support for Survivors

In addition to the 21 potential human trafficking victims, 83 individuals faced charges for soliciting prostitution, while 17 faced various prostitution-related allegations.

Collaboration with social services organizations played a crucial role in providing assistance and emancipation opportunities for the victims.

Sheriff Judd emphasized that this operation identified 21 possible human trafficking victims, raising the total identified this year to 45.

The valuable relationships with social services organizations have enabled the emancipation and support of these survivors.

Wide Range of People

Among the arrested individuals, 35 were suspected of being in the country illegally, hailing from various countries.

The age range of those arrested spanned from 18 to 76 years old, reflecting the wide spectrum of individuals involved in human trafficking.

Russell Rogers, an athletic director and teacher, was among those arrested, resulting in the process of terminating his employment.

The involvement of an educator in this operation raises concerns about the potential influence of traffickers within communities.

Disney Employees Involved

Three Disney employees and another working at a Disney hotel were arrested during the operation.

The arrests of Disney employees was alarming and the need for vigilance and employee screening in industries that interact with vulnerable populations.

Sheriff Judd expressed disbelief at the behavior of one individual who observed police activity and entered a room with unlawful intent.

The operation received support from various law enforcement agencies and social services organizations.

Effective collaboration between agencies and organizations is essential in combating human trafficking.

Collaboration with social services organizations proves critical in aiding victims and dismantling human trafficking networks.

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