Disturbing Audio Captures Old Men’s Lewd Comments About Underage Figure Skaters – “I Can Dream but ‘Shouldn’t'”

These figure skaters were practicing their moves on the ice when the recording picked up an alarming conversation between two men who were watching. The two men, one of whom admitted he was 52, were discussing the teenage girls’ appearances, saying, “Can only dream.”

Dirty Old Men Making Lusty Comments

The 21-year-old figure skater, Luna Montana, captured the shocking audio of two men making lustful comments about her and other women while she practiced on the ice rink.

Montana shared the video on TikTok, which reached 7 million views in no time due to the derogatory and disturbing comments.

In the video, Montana records her figure skating lesson with several other people, notably teenage girls, seen on the ice simultaneously.

The two men responsible for the offensive remarks remain off-camera throughout the clip.


Montana captions the video with “caught two gross men talking about me at my figure skating lesson.”

The first man criticizes her for “pretending to not know how to skate,” but also comments, “she’s not skating bad.”

The situation escalates when the second man starts making inappropriate remarks about another girl on the ice, implying that she appears “half-naked” and assuming her age is 15-17.

The second man mentions that he’s trying not to watch as he fears the women on the rink might be too young.

He Can Dream but “Shouldn’t”

One of the men continues the remarks, revealing he is 52 years old and jokingly claiming he can dream but “shouldn’t.”

Montana’s caption on TikTok reads, “I despise men!” and viewers in the comment section couldn’t agree more.

One commenter questioned the behaviour syaing, “they’re literally children…? and they’re 52…? and they’re literally just wearing leggings and a top…?”

Another expressed shock at the man’s audacity, saying, “so he agreed that they like 15-17 and still said he “can dream”??”

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