‘DIY Missiles’: Ukrainians Prepare for a ‘Second Coming’ of Trump

As their war with Russia rages on, Ukrainian citizens have their eyes on U.S. politics. And what they see from the field of Republican Presidential candidates has them making some unusual moves. Here is the whole story.

Kamikaze Strikes 

In recent weeks, Ukraine’s long-range Beaver missiles have been finding their marks on a regular basis. 

And more and more, those targets have been in downtown Moscow, where the missiles have been landing kamikaze strikes on a regular basis.

But even though they’ve been very effective, no one seems to know where the Beavers are actually coming from.

Or, at least, no one in the know is willing to admit that they have information about the origin of the Beavers.

Another Powerful Comedian

Serhiy Prytula, for example, says he’s not sure if his foundation is involved with the construction and deployment of the Beavers.

Prytula, like Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, rose to fame as an actor and comedian before veering into politics.

And when Russia invaded early in 2022, Prytula started a charitable foundation to help fund Ukraine’s defense efforts. Since then, his celebrity has only grown.

Now, Prytula is one of the first people the world media turns to when questions about the war come up.

DIY Drones

Aside from his role as an unofficial mouthpiece and a major source of funds, Prytula has also turned out to be pretty wiley when it comes to helping support the grassroots homegrown weapon movement in his country.

One of Prytula’s big wins, mostly as part of his foundation, has been his consistent ability to track down parts for do-it-yourself drones that have proved invaluable in the war efforts.

With names like Shark, Leleka, and Valkyrie, these makeshift weapons sound like clandestine Axis projects from World War II.

Ambiguous Over Involvement

And now Beaver joins their ranks, even if Prytula says, “We are not sure whether we are involved in this.” 

That soft denial on Prytula’s part only adds to the mystery and mystique of the new breed of homegrown drones.

But what’s not a mystery is that Ukrainians have shown themselves to be quite willing and capable of building and using their own weapons to hold the Russians at bay.

And with the 2024 Presidential election starting to bubble up in their daily news feeds, citizens of Ukraine are ramping up their munitions efforts even more.

Pulling Back Support

With Donald Trump the clearcut frontrunner among Republicans despite the prospect that he’ll be in prison by the time of the election, there is plenty to worry about.

Trump has said several times since the war started that he thinks the U.S. shouldn’t be very involved in helping Ukraine. It’s not hard to imagine he’d cut the money and weapons supply if he’s elected.

And other top-ranking Republican candidates are even more adamant in their belief that America should steer clear of helping Ukraine.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and biotech millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy have both been vocal in pledging to pull back on U.S. involvement in the war.

Ingenious Ukrainian Citizens

They also just happen to be fighting for second place in the polls behind Trump.

All of that uncertainty around continued U.S. support seems to have spurred Ukrainians to step up their homegrown production of arms.

Whether it’s high-tech drones or more old-fashioned heavy armor and shells, Ukrainian citizens are more intent than ever on making sure they can handle the Russians on their own.

And, as the world watches an unprecedented grassroots military movement hold its own and more, it’s interesting to think that an indicted Donald Trump is at least partly to blame. 

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