Do You Actually like Lobster or Do You Just Think You Do? According to Popular Novelist, Lobster Lovers Are Tricked Into Enjoying the Overpriced Delicacy

One man is questioning the genuine enjoyment of lobster due to its perceived high-class status and has sparked a heated online debate.

The 6 Million Lobster Debate

Novelist Jason K. Pargin, also known as the author of “John Dies at the End” and “Zoey Ashe” series, has ignited an online food fight with his TikTok video on lobster, which garnered over 500,000 views, and his tweet, which amassed nearly 6 million views. 

Pargin claims the fondness for lobster is merely a result of being misled into believing it is a high-class delicacy.

“I don’t think anyone actually enjoys eating lobster. I think they’ve just been convinced that it’s a high-class food for a really specific reason,” states Pargin in his provocative video, challenging the commonly held perception.

He points out the historical context, highlighting how lobster was once regarded as prisoner’s food and even used as fertilizer.

Because It’s Expensive, We Think It’s Good

Pargin further explains how lobster’s reputation shifted due to logistical challenges in transportation and its short shelf life after cooking.

“So because it was difficult to mess with and because it had to be shipped live inside the country, away from the coast, it became known that lobster was difficult to obtain,” asserts Pargin. 

“And because it’s difficult to obtain, it had to be expensive, and because it was expensive, we decided it was good.”

His assertions extend to those who enjoy lobster drenched in butter, as he humorously states, “You know what also tastes good when you dump it into a bucket of butter? Anything.”

It Sparked a Vigorous Debate!

The viral video sparked a vigorous debate on Tiktok, with the majority of people disagreeing with Pargin, particularly those residing in the northeast who relish lobster in various preparations.

Many critics took issue with Pargin’s narrow focus on the American perspective, highlighting that lobster is a globally enjoyed delicacy, regardless of its price.

“Bro, the meat on its own is sweet and light. IDK, what you are talking about with nobody enjoys it. More for me I guess,” one user said.

“WHHHHHAT?????? This is the tastiest food ever are you out of your mind?” another stated.

The Scarcity Effect

While Pargin’s argument about the enjoyment of lobster may be met with disagreement, he does touch upon a valid psychological concept known as the scarcity effect.

“Scarcity is a pervasive condition of human existence,” as noted by Shahram Heshmat, Ph.D., in Psychology Today, emphasizing how limited resources intensify the perceived value of goals.

Pargin’s thought-provoking video has ignited a passionate discussion, with supporters and critics engaging in a lively debate about the true appreciation of lobster and the influence of social perceptions on our food preferences.

It Was Poor-Man Food

“They taste amazing, but it only takes a few hours after its dead before it taste horrible so I get why it was poor-man food back in the days,” someone said.

“This video has my full support,” another user simply put. 

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