“Doesn’t Make You Gay” – Dating a Trans Woman Is Like a “Happy Meal With an Extra Special Toy” Says Influencer. Are You Convinced?

One TikTok star has revealed the secret benefits of dating a trans woman, and why all straight men should try it, he also insists that he’s straight despite dating a woman with a penis.

“Doesn’t Make You Gay,”

Adam Kubatze’s recent TikTok revelation has intrigued social media, admitting that dating a trans woman “doesn’t make you gay,”

During pride month, Adam chose to share his insights on dating a trans woman, and he definitely didn’t hold back on his opinions when speaking to other straight men.

With a cowboy hat perched on his head and confidence in his stride, Adam suggested that dating a trans woman is like “that Happy Meal with the extra special toy that you haven’t played with yet.”

Adam’s message is clear: dating a trans woman doesn’t decide your sexual orientation. 

Trans Porn Star

The TikTok star stated that being with a woman, regardless of her background, is a celebration of femininity and “no, this doesn’t make you gay.”

Adam’s video centers around his experience with transgender porn star Emma Rose, praising her for her transformation into a “very powerful woman” who has embraced her identity.

Adam then shared the intellectual depth that trans women can bring to relationships, encouraging his straight viewers to seek connections outside of their comfort zones.

Adam pointed out that dating a trans woman can offer unique advantages, as they are more understanding of male issues like erectile dysfunction.

The Most Beautiful Woman

Adam’s clear message to straight viewers remained strong: date a trans woman, and you’ll find “one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever met.”

His girlfriend, Emma Rose, named Trans Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards, has made a successful career out of being a trans performer.

Adam also has his own OnlyFans account, which includes interactions with men, but he remains insistent that he is straight and his interactions are strictly professional.

In response to Adam’s confession, the comment section erupted with positivity. 

Viewers dubbed the video “adorable,” “cute and heartwarming,” and “iconic and true.”

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