Dog Owner Loses It: Outraged at Pet Store’s Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Recently, a viral TikTok video captured a man having a meltdown inside an Ohio Petco store after learning about the existence of a gender-neutral bathroom. Here’s the full story.

Gender-Neutral Bathroom Policy

The TikTok clip, filmed by Rach Arianna, showed an unidentified man vehemently expressing dissatisfaction with the store’s gender-neutral bathroom policy.

The man was seen berating the store’s employees, demanding they relay his distaste for the policy to their corporate bosses.

He adamantly opposed the concept, considering it “stupid,” and insisted that men and women are different. Therefore, they should have separate bathrooms.

“People Have Had Enough”

He approached the employees at the register and said, “People have had enough of that thing. I don’t care what your policy is.”

As he spoke, his dog could be seen hauling in the opposite direction, seemingly confused by its owner’s voice and confrontational posture.

Fed up by the outburst, an employee told the man that if he had a problem, he should “ask to speak with somebody.”

“I just did!” the man replied, coming within inches of the female staffer while a male employee looked on.

Not My Problem

He pointed to an unseen staffer behind the store’s grooming department desk and said, “She just told me it didn’t matter.”

Then the man demanded the employees “pass it up the chain” because “people are tired of it.”

As a reply, one of the employees said, “You’ll have to do that because it’s your concern,” and another worker added, “I don’t have a problem with it, so I’m not going to.”

Finally, he shouted, “Stop with the gender-neutral s***t,” and headed toward the exit.

“Wants to Be Mad at Something”

The video went viral on Twitter, gaining more than seven hundred thousand views.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Guess he’s never been on a plane before.”

Another user added, “He just wants to be mad at something lol. Sanity cannot win smh.”

A third user commented, “All the Republican state legislatures in the US are writing laws that cater to this guy every day.””

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Source: Daily Mail