Domestic Bliss Impossible When Mother-In-Law Has a Legendary Ability to Cause Drama! Luckily They Have a Cunning Plan…

Hold on tight, because this whirlwind story of a future mother-in-law, OP, and her prince charming takes an unexpected detour! Just when OP thought she had her path to matrimonial bliss laid out, her future mother-in-law threw a spanner in the works.

Living With Mama

In a twist of events, OP’s boyfriend’s mother was scheduled to move to a 55+ community in November, setting the stage for OP and her boyfriend to finally cohabit.

In the interim, OP moved into a smaller apartment in the same complex, planning to upgrade to a larger one with her boyfriend post his mother’s move.

The would-be mother-in-law’s distaste for the situation was evident, often expressed through snide comments about OP’s cooking skills.

When the world locked down due to the pandemic, the would-be mother-in-law sought refuge in her son’s apartment.

Everything Had Seemed to Be Going Well

The original plan was for a cozy domestic setting until June. Arrangements were ticking along smoothly on OP’s end – from work transfers to apartment leases, everything was falling into place.

With a signed lease just a day away, everything imploded. The mother-in-law played her card, claiming her inability to secure an apartment until November, leaving the lovebirds in a predicament.

Her prospective fiance, torn between familial obligation and romantic commitment, decided to sign up for another six-month ordeal with his mother.

With no other options, OP was cornered into signing a lease for a solo apartment in the same complex.

A Game of Familial Politics

Her prince charming vowed to help with the expenses and spend most of his time at her place, but OP was anything but happy.

The resentment was palpable – this was a scenario she’d anticipated but dreaded. The MIL’s reputation for causing turmoil was legendary, and this move seemed like another chapter in the saga.

Despite the ongoing turbulence, OP held onto her love for her fiance, willing to tolerate the temporary inconvenience for a lifetime of happiness.

Despite limited encounters with OP’s culinary experiments, the mother-in-law seemed to have pegged her as a dreadful cook.

Keeping Secrets and Playing Dumb

The couple had wisely kept the future mother-in-law in the dark about their cohabitation plans, though anyone with half a brain could’ve pieced together the puzzle.

The lady, however, seemed blissfully ignorant of the inevitable. As OP gradually began to furnish her apartment, the mother-in-law started questioning her son about the disappearing furniture pieces.

Yet, she failed to connect the dots, remaining clueless about her impending eviction.

No matter how dense she pretended to be, the future mother-in-law was on track for a major surprise in November.

If You Give an Inch They Will Take a Mile

OP could only wait for the day with a mix of anticipation and trepidation.

A lot of people from around the world chimed in to mention cultural norms but the majority of people gave words of grave warning. The old saying if you give an inch they will take a mile seems to apply here.

“Welcome to the scapegoat club! My now MIL liked me fine until my now husband moved in with me.”

“He stopped giving her money and stopped letting her put her random cars in his name to drive around.”

Put Up Boundaries!

“So obviously, that meant I’m horrible and we should break up. We’ve been married 3 years now, have a 2 year old and are expecting another any day now.”

“He put up the boundaries, I have limited contact, and it’s a nice civil time. You’ll get there. Just let it all play out and let your partner deal with the majority of it.”

“Just sit back and wait for the ultimate laugh when she finds out. Karma can be so wonderful and not your problem that she can’t connect the dots.”

“It’s extremely rare to get rid of an “unwanted houseguest type” of MIL without an actual eviction proceeding. They are like ticks! They burrow in and live off your blood”

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