“Another Patriot”- The ‘Donald Trump of Eastern Europe’ Makes Stunning Political Comeback

In a stunning political comeback, Robert Fico just won a Slovakian election that could have far-reaching consequences. Is he the Donald Trump of Eastern Europe? Here is the full story.

Corruption Ended Robert Fico

Back in 2018, Robert Fico was riding high as the prime minister of Slovakia. But then corruption charges and an investigation into his fiance spelled a quick end to his days in office.

Since then, of course, the world has weathered a vicious pandemic, and Slovakia itself has had trouble finding government stability.

One of the big problems, it seems, is a fractured political scene that now features so many parties that none of them can get a real foothold.

Against that backdrop, Slovakia’s parliament ground to a halt in May of 2023, unable to move forward on anything due to so many competing interests.

A ‘Technocratic Board’ to Run the Country

In the end, President Zuzana Čaputová threw up her hands and installed a technocratic board to run the country until parliament could get its act back together.

The hopes for doing that rested at least partially on the parliamentary election that took place over the last weekend in September.

And that brings Fico back into focus, much to his rivals’ amazement, disappointment, and maybe even disgust.

Fico’s corruption cases still aren’t behind him, after all. And the immunity he has in parliament by virtue of his previous position is constantly under attack.

But none of that stopped Fico from running for parliament on the Smer ticket.


While the Smer party has historically been left-leaning or at least middle-of-the-road, Fico ran on a platform that stressed the dangers of liberalism and more progressive parties.

That message seemed to gain Fico a groundswell of support, and he led early polls. But young Michal Šimečka of the Progressive Slovakia party made a late surge.

In fact, exit polls on the day of the election made it seem like Šimečka had won the whole shooting match.

But by the time 99% of the ballots were counted, Fico was claiming a 5-point victory.

Plans for a Coalition

The former prime minister now has a goal of forming a parliamentary coalition with other parties to gain a voting majority.

And if he accomplishes that, Ukraine could be one of the big losers.

“People in Slovakia have bigger problems than Ukraine,” Fico said shortly after the election results became clear.

That’s not a surprising statement from Fico, who is well-known for opposing sanctions on Russia. And he’s also pledged to help Ukraine rebuild eventually – but also to stop providing military support in the meantime.

So if Fico achieves his goal and builds the voting power he dreams of, Slovakia will join Hungary as an EU nation that leans more toward Russia than Ukraine in the ongoing war.

“Always Good to Work With Another Patriot”

It’s a development that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is looking forward to.

In fact, Orbán took to X (Twitter) to congratulate Fico on his victory, adding that it’s “always good to work with another patriot.”

If the story of Fico’s rise and fall and rise again, and of his scandals and political alliances, sounds familiar, well, it’s probably your imagination.

Of course, have you ever seen Donald Trump and Robert Fico in the same room at the same time?

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