Doughnut Distress! How One Man Turned Sweet Treats into the Ultimate Office Revenge!

Jack had a bond with his friend, Rob, that dates back to their high school days. Now in their 40s, life had led them to work for the same company but in separate locations. Occasionally, employees would have to visit different branches for training, which was always a good opportunity for the two to meet up. Rob had to do just that about a year ago, attending a training session at Jack’s location.

He Was Self-Conscious About His Lisp and Weight

Rob had always been self-conscious about two things: his lisp and his weight. His lisp, in particular, was a source of ridicule during their school years, severely impacting his self-esteem.

Despite these insecurities, Rob was genuinely a great person, full of warmth and kindness. Anyone who took the time to know him would speak of his good nature.

One morning, after Rob’s training session, Jack strolled to the front office. It was part of his daily routine to greet the two secretaries – they were on good terms, and Jack liked talking to them.

However, this particular morning was different. The two secretaries were in fits of laughter, mimicking a lisp. Jack was suspicious – he knew Rob had been in – so he calmly inquired about the source of their laughter.

“Can You Imagine What He Would Sound Like in Bed…lisping and Sweating”

Their response confirmed what he’d thought. Oblivious to Rob’s connection to Jack, they couldn’t keep a straight face about “the guy from the other place who sounded like a loser who would probably never find a woman…he looked greasy… he was fat…can you imagine what he would sound like in bed…lisping and sweating… hahaha.”

They laughed like it was the funniest thing they’d ever heard, proud of themselves for their “witty” comedy. To say Jack was furious would be an understatement!

However, he knew what to do and had an amazing poker face. He gave a fake chuckle and walked off, the secretaries none the wiser.

A Tasty Revenge Plan Was Already Formulating in His Mind

Though Jack seemed calm, a tasty revenge plan was already formulating in his mind. He had noted one particular weakness in these two secretaries: their greedy sweet tooth.

Over the next year, Jack consistently treated the duo to an array of sugary delights: donuts, chocolates, excessively sweetened Starbucks drinks with so much sugar they could give an elephant diabetes, ice creams, candies, and other calorie-laden treats.

Whenever they hesitated, Jack would use humorous banter to encourage them. “Diet starts tomorrow!” or “If you take small bites, there’s fewer calories!” he would joke. And every time, the secretaries would chuckle and indulge!

The effects of Jack’s strategy became obvious over time. Both secretaries gained substantial weight, approximately 40 pounds each!

He Had No Plans of Ending His Sweet Revenge Anytime Soon

They began to grumble about everyday problems tied to their weight gain, from difficulty finding suitable clothing to constant tiredness. One secretary even confided to the other about the strains it was causing in her marital life.

As for Rob, he remained blissfully unaware of the entire incident. He soon left the company for a better opportunity, thriving in his new environment.

Jack felt satisfied, knowing he had taken a stand against bullying, even if Rob never learned about it. And he had no plans of ending his sweet revenge anytime soon!

Redditor thought Jack’s revenge was a cruel stroke of genius. One user commented, “Destroying them by exploiting character flaws they make fun of others for. You’ve been deputized by Lady Karma.”

“The Funny Thing Is, They Are Doing It to Themselves. It Is Not Like You Are Forcing Them To Eat It. Well Played!”

Another user agreed with the sentiment, commenting, “You are a great friend! It sounds like Bob is a great guy, and they are two nasty, miserable women. I will never understand making fun of someone. It is so nasty and petty. Looks like they got what they deserved. The funny thing is, they are doing it to themselves. It is not like you are forcing them to eat it. Well played!”

What do you think of Jack’s revenge? Do you think it’s too far? Let us know.

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