Drunk Driver Parked in This Truckers Space, so He Got Them Fired!

A Reddit user’s tale of revenge went viral recently, and it’s easy to see why. He took on a rival trucker that had taken his parking space and ended up getting them fired! Read on to find out more.

He’s A Professional Trucker

Meet our storyteller, a professional driver who knows the ins and outs of the trucking industry like the back of his hand. He’s well aware that the US roads have many truck stops that offer a “Pay to Park” system.

The system reserves 10-20% of the lot as “Reserved” parking spaces, which cost around $15-$25 per space. The truck stop where this tale takes place offers parking spots for a relatively cheap price of $17.

The spots are reserved for 24 hours, starting from 4 pm local time and ending at 3 pm the following afternoon.

On the fateful night of our tale, our storyteller knew that he would have a late-night delivery, so he arrived at the truck stop around 3.30 pm and paid for a reserved spot.

He’d Be Back

He informed the manager on duty that he had a delivery up the road that night and would be back once he’d completed his delivery. T

he manager marked the spot as sold and assured him that no one else would be able to reserve the same spot.

Fast forward to 11.15 pm, the OP left for his delivery, and he didn’t return until 2.30 am the next morning. As he groggily drove back to the truck stop, he realized that all the reserved parking spaces were full!

He called the manager on duty, who informed him that someone had parked in a spot without paying for it.

They Found the Culprit

The manager’s other employee went to check on the trucks and found the culprit. The driver worked for a company known for their bright orange trailers.

The employee informed the driver that he was parked illegally and had to move.

The driver, however, was not having any of it. He opened the door with a bottle of Heineken in one hand, and some sort of smoking implement in another.

The OP could see everything from the vantage point that he’d been told to park at and rolled down his window to listen to the commotion.

They Threated to Call the Police

He overheard the truck stop employee threatening to call the police and tow company if the driver didn’t move.

The driver, irate and full of audacity and potentially beer, threatened the employee and then slammed the door on him.

The employee called the police and tow company, and the police showed up first.

As the OP had worked for the orange trailer company before, he knew their policies and what they could and couldn’t have in their trucks.

Booze, Illegal Substances and a Firearm

He noticed that the driver had alcoholic beverages and illegal substances in his cab, both big no-nos.

But the coup de grace? The driver had a loaded firearm sitting on the seat next to him!

So it was no surprise to the OP when the police hauled away the driver in cuffs, and his truck got towed away on a wrecker!

The OP made a call to the company’s safety director to inform them that their rig was getting impounded and their driver was going to jail for his crazy behavior.

He’s Going to Lose His Job

She thanked him and assured him that the driver would definitely lose his job, especially over the alcohol and illegal substances.

The moral of the story? Don’t mess with the OP’s legally rented parking spot. He’s not only a professional driver but also a master of karma. You mess with him, and you’ll find yourself in trouble!

The trucking industry is full of professionals like this guy who are hardworking, dedicated, and follow the rules.

However, there are always a few bad apples in every industry that try to take shortcuts and break the rules. The driver in this story learned that the hard way.

Justice Was Served

The OP’s actions not only ensured that justice was served but also helped to keep the roads safer for all.

It’s always better to follow the rules and regulations, and in this case, it was clear that the consequences of breaking them could be severe.

His story serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks they can get away with breaking the rules. Karma has a way of catching up to us, and it’s always better to do the right thing.

He Put Everyone at Risk

Let’s all learn from his experience and strive to be better professionals and better human beings!

Redditors loved this guy’s tale. One user said, “Thank you for following through with calling the company. For the safety of everyone on the road, CDL drivers can not use recreational drugs. It’s really scary to think that he may have driven off in the morning still high from the night before, putting everyone on the road at risk.”

What do you think about this guy’s tale of revenge? That other trucker was a danger, and it’s a good thing he’s off the roads.

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