Drip Drop Net Worth 2022; What Happened After Shark Tank Deal?

Drip Drop comes in the form of a cone-shaped ring of waffle wrapped around the cone of an ice cream. As the name suggests, it collects ice cream falls and drippings. 

Invented by Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif, Drop Drip is a way to avoid sticky ice cream cones. As an item crafted out of waffle cone ingredients, a disc-shaped Waffle Cone Drip Drop Cone is produced.

Brand NameDrip Drop Cone
FoundersSam Nassif And Oliver Greenwald
Product A waffle ring designed to catch melting drool from an ice cream cone
Shark Tank Deal$50,0000 For 33.3% stake in Drip Drop
Investor Barbara Corcoran
Current Business SituationOut Of Business

Drip Drop Net Worth

When Drip Drop appeared on Shark Tank, it was valued at $250,000. As of 2022, Drip Drop’s net worth is unknown, as the company has gone out of business.

Overview of drip drop

Drip Drop is a waffle-based disc-ring that collects melting ice cream drips from cones. Due to the fact that it is edible, it will not be thrown away by the user, but instead will be eaten by them. 

It’s wrapped around the cone to prevent drops from getting on your hands or clothes. With it, you won’t have to worry about messy ice creams. Using it, ice cream lovers won’t get stains, and ice cream cones won’t stick to their fingers.

Founders’ Story

It was in elementary school that Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif began their creative pursuits, which led to the establishment of Drip Drop Ice Cream Cones. 

In eighth grade, they sought a patent to develop a drip solution that was edible.

Oliver and Sam were just two ordinary students in fifth grade who loved eating ice cream when they were bored. They came up with the idea after watching a woman remove melted ice cream off her toddler’s face.

In that age, Oliver and Sam came up with the idea to design something tasty and sweet that made ice cream cones less messy.

In order to collect any drips, they created an edible wafer ring that fitted nicely over the top of an ice cream cone, making it the perfect addition to the cone.

In 2012, they submitted their invention into the Gates Invention and Innovation program, where they placed second.

Currently, Sam is pursuing a degree in business at Chapman University, and Oliver is studying computer science at Duke University.

Drop Drip Shark Tank Final Deal 

Drip Drop was founded by two best friends from Denver, Colorado, Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif, and they were only fourteen years of age at the time of their appearance on Shark Tank. Thus, they were the youngest startup founders to appear in the Shark tank without adult supervision. 

Their request was for a $50,000 investment in Drip Drop in exchange for a 20% stake. In response, Barbara said that she was willing to make them a $50,000 offer, in exchange for a third share of the company. 

Her only requirement was that they improve the taste and design of their products. After discussing the offer, Sam and Oliver agreed to accept it. Barbara received a 33.3% stake in Drop Drip as a part of that deal.

Business Status of Drop Drip 

Sadly, Drop Drip is no longer operating. Neither its website nor social media pages have been updated since 2019.