‘Drive-Thru Aliens’: A Side Effect of Legalized Marijuana?

Nestled in the scorching desert of Arizona, there’s a place called “Mendy’s,” and Tyrone is the man in charge of the drive-thru. It’s usually a bustling scene, but lately, things have taken a bizarre turn since the legalization of a certain “Devil’s Lettuce.” It’s as if people from a distant planet have landed in Arizona, and they’ve forgotten the basics of life. Let’s take a look.

Teaching the Basics to “Alien” Customers

Tyrone’s daily routine now includes explaining the intricacies of toilets, the operation of doors, and even the mysteries of water bottles to the bewildered customers. “Oh, you gotta twist it, brahhhh? Gnarls,” they exclaim in astonishment.

One fateful night, another group of these “aliens” rolled into Mendy’s drive-thru.

 Tyrone, following his standard greeting protocol, uttered one of his two usual greetings: “Hi, welcome to Mendy’s. Please hold on a second, and I’ll be right with you.”

Please Hold

The restaurant’s policy mandates that they greet the car within 5 seconds, preferably 3, after the bell, indicating the customer is close to the speaker sounds. 

If they’re busy with prior orders, they’ll greet the customer and ask them to hold. But this didn’t sit well with this particular carload of individuals.

As soon as Tyrone asked them to hold, chaos erupted. “Whaaaat??? Naaaahhh no oo, you talked to the other guy, mannnn! I swear to gawwwd braaah, tell me what’s going on right now, man! What’s going ON!??? Don’t say no more words til you tell me what’s going on right now, mannnn!” 

The barrage of words fired at Tyrone came from every person and direction within the car.

A Social Contract 

Tyrone, though overwhelmed, decided to tackle the situation head-on. He addressed the entire group with an explanation.

With an air of sarcasm, Tyrone said, “Well, sir, you’re currently in a drive-thru of an Arizona Mendy’s. By pulling your vehicle up to our speaker, you are entering into a social contract where I listen to what food you would like to order from our restaurant and put that into our system so our amazing chefs know what to make for you.”

Tyrone wasn’t done there! As only a seasoned retail worker could, he bitingly said, “Sometimes I don’t have time to take that order with immediacy, so I’ll tell you to hold on until I’m ready to enter your order. I can only enter your order when I’m standing within reaching distance of the POS and when I’m logged in. If I have told you to hold on in about thirty seconds or less, I will then take your order. Do you understand? Great, now hold on while I figure out what’s going on with the previous order.”

A Quick Exit

Their response was swift, “Oh no way, all of that, and I still have to wait? You could have taken my order already. We’re outta here!” Tyrone uttered a futile “Sir…” as they peeled out, leaving skid marks on the pavement!

But their anger clouded their judgment – and the drugs they’d been smoking didn’t help! They ended up colliding with the car in front of them, bringing the drive-thru to a screeching halt!

The car in front refused to budge because he didn’t want these kids in the car to take off. He shut down the entire drive-through for an hour and a half! 

The restaurant’s lobby was buzzing with excitement.

Law Enforcement Got Involved

Law enforcement got involved. All four of the kids in the car faced varying degrees of trouble. All four got arrested, three in handcuffs, and one with their parents. It was utter chaos!

One of the young guys ended up taken away, their car towed, and the others left in tears. 

The unmistakable scent of drugs lingered in the air – the grape-flavored air added to the strangeness of the night.

In the end, Tyrone’s shift at Mendy’s had taken a wild turn. The drive-thru had transformed into a stage for a bizarre, unexpected drama fueled by the influence of the recently legalized “Devil’s Lettuce.” It was a night Tyrone would not soon forget.

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