Drunk Pilot “Couldn’t Even Lift Head” – Coke Fuelled Night Partying between Flights Put “Safety of Passengers” in Serious Jeopardy

A British Airways pilot, Mike Beaton, has been sacked following reports of his involvement in a drug-fueled escapade in Johannesburg, South Africa. Beaton allegedly snorted cocaine off a topless woman during one of his nights off before attempting to fly a passenger plane back to London. 

Pilot’s Drug-Fueled Revelations 

The details of the scandalous night came to light when Beaton bragged about his exploits to a flight attendant, who promptly raised the alarm.

 Beaton had been scheduled to operate a flight from Johannesburg to London but found himself getting flown back to Heathrow as a passenger. 

Drug tests soon confirmed his substance abuse. 

The repercussions of Beaton’s actions did not stop there; the airline had to cancel the 12-hour flight, incurring an estimated cost of £100,000.

British Airways Takes Swift Action 

In response to the incident, British Airways issued a statement emphasizing their unwavering commitment to safety: “Safety is always our top priority. 

The matter got referred to the CAA [Civil Aviation Authority], and this individual no longer works for us,” the airline confirmed, according to Sky News.

The plane departing from Johannesburg faced an overnight delay as they searched for a replacement first officer to operate the flight.

Safety Concerns Surge 

The incident unfolded during one of Beaton’s nights off in Johannesburg.

 According to text messages exchanged with a flight attendant’s colleague, Beaton had been partying with locals and tourists, including a Welsh tourist and a young Spanish woman. The night soon escalated. 

His texts reveal the details of his night out, which took a disturbing turn when hard drugs became involved.

“I’ve lost my shirt somewhere, and one of the local lads produces a plate with a few lines of coke,” one of the text messages revealed. 

Snorting Cocaine off a Woman’s Chest 

“So then there’s a debate about whose chest is the best to do a bump off. Not going to lie, I may have started this with ulterior motives,” Beaton added.

Beaton went on to describe how he “came to my senses a little and thought things were getting way out of hand. Decided to rescue the girls and get them back to their hotel. Stayed the night with Welsh, [slept together] for aggges (I guess the coke played a part) and then was so [tired] I couldn’t even lift my head until gone 2.”

The texts were released by Beaton’s colleague, who grew concerned about his behavior and prompted an investigation. 

Pilot’s Career Crashes 

The gravity of the situation was not lost on the authorities – the Civil Aviation Authority withdrew Beaton’s medical certificate, effectively banning him from flying.

The process for reinstating a medical certificate, should Beaton seek it, would involve a comprehensive rehabilitation program and a thorough assessment by a medical team.

“Extraordinarily Dumb”

A source inside British Airways stated, “Of all the bad behaviour that goes on downroute between flights, this incident is hard to believe. A First Officer is trained rigorously and knows the law inside out. Their remit is protecting the safety of passengers.”

The source went on to reinforce how this behavior ran directly against British Airways ethos, “The airline is in shock. This pilot has hoisted himself by his own petard. The idea of sending details of his drink and drugs session to a flight attendant between flights is extraordinarily dumb.”

The shocking revelation has raised concerns about the airline’s screening of airline personnel. 

The repercussions of this scandal could be far-reaching, both for Mr. Beaton and the airline industry at large.

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