Drunken Brawl and Violent Scuffle With the Police Played Off as Police Brutality but Video Evidence Tells a Very Different Story!

A startling video depicting a confrontation between police and partygoers has gone viral on social media, but a closer look reveals a more complex story behind the clip.

Denied Entry Led to Trouble

According to reports from WJAR-TV, an incident occurred when a member of a wedding party, David Onik, was denied entry to a bar in Newport, Rhode Island, in the early hours of a Sunday morning. 

This led to an altercation in which he assaulted a staff member, sparking a chaotic brawl involving multiple wedding guests and law enforcement.

In the video capturing the incident, a woman in an orange dress, identified as Alexandra Flaherty by WJAR, is seen kicking a police officer in the groin, prompting the officer to defend himself. 

Police Brutality?

Shortly afterward, another scuffle results in a different police officer throwing a woman to the ground, rendering her unconscious. 

This woman was identified as Rachel Onik, David Onik’s wife.

Predictably, allegations of police brutality emerged. However, an alternative angle from surveillance footage provides a more complete perspective.

In the additional video footage, Rachel Onik appears to be reaching for the police officer’s firearm. 

She Went for the Gun

Fearing for his safety with a potentially hostile and possibly intoxicated woman attempting to access his weapon, the officer takes action to protect himself. 

Police authorities confirmed that Rachel Onik had indeed attempted to seize the officer’s firearm.

According to NECN, Rachel Onik is facing multiple charges, including two counts of simple assault, one count of resisting arrest, one count of obstructing an officer, and one count of disorderly conduct. 

Drunk Decision Making

Five other individuals involved in the altercation, including David Onik and Alexandra Flaherty, have also been charged.

Intoxication likely played a role in their poor decision-making. 

The ensuing chaos and legal consequences were a direct result of their actions and their disregard for law and order.

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