Duane Chapman Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Duane Chapman is a television personality in the United States of America. He is also a former bail bondsman and a popular bounty hunter, for which he has a famous nickname, i.e. Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Full nameDuane Lee Chapman
NicknameDog the Bounty Hunter
Date of birth2nd February 1953
Age69 (As of July 2022)
BirthplaceDenver, Colorado, the United States of America
Profession(s)Television personality, bounty hunter
Duane Chapman Net Worth$6 million to $8 million (Last Updated 2022)

Duane Chapman Net Worth

Duane Chapman’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million to $8 million.

Duane Chapman’s Early Life

Duane Chapman was born on 2nd February 1953, in Denver, Colorado, the United States of America. He was born to Wesley Duane Chapman, who was a welder by profession. Duane Lee Chapman’s German and English roots are from his father’s side. On his mother’s side, he has English roots.

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Duane Chapman, when he was fifteen years old, ran away from his home after he joined an outlawed motorcycle club called the Devils Disciples. Later, in 1976, Duane Chapman was charged with first-degree murder. Due to this, he was sent to spend five years in prison in Texas.

While he was in prison at the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas, Duane Chapman’s wife divorced him and married Duane’s best friend. At the prison, Duane Chapman engaged in some field work and also was the warden’s barber.

In 2007, Duane Chapman gave an interview to Fox News, in which he talked about how he tackled an inmate who was about to escape. The positive remarks that he received from an officer after this act inspired Duane to become a bounty hunter.

Duane Chapman As a Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman worked as a bounty hunter for some time in his life. On 18th June 2003, Duane Chapman captured Andrew Luster, which made him famous internationally as numerous TV channels covered this incident.

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Andrew Luster had run away from the United States of America during his trial. He was charged with raping several women and drugging women. Duane Chapman captured Andrew Luster with the help of his team, which consisted of him, his son, and an associate.

Duane Chapman captured Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when he and his team were living under aliases. However, on his way to turn over Andrew Luster to the San Diego jail, Duane Chapman, his team, and Andrew Luster were captured by the Mexican police and jailed.

Later, Duane Chapman and his team were out on bail. Though, they were later captured and put in prison. They had to face numerous trials as bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. Eventually, though, all three were released with all their criminal charges dismissed.

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