Duped and Discarded – The Bridesmaid Who Was Never Meant to Be

Our heroine OP found herself entangled in an unforgettable incident. This jaw-dropping tale of deceit and humiliation will leave you reeling.

She Had Sex Before Marriage – A Taboo in Their Faith

This had happened about 20 years ago. For context, OP was raised as a Mormon, and she was expected to marry a returned missionary and have a temple wedding.

It had all started well, as she began dating a returned missionary who proposed after a mere five weeks, and they began planning their temple marriage. OP was only 19 at the time.

They had ended up having sex before marriage, and her fiance, a man of integrity, said it would be wrong for them to get married in the temple, knowing they’d face significant judgment. Sure enough, there was a great deal of judgment from their friends.

OP had become a topic of gossip, and she knew these “friends” were judging her. She weathered the storm, though barely.

She Chose Her Bridesmaid

She saw a girl she had gone to high school with, who belonged to the same ward as her and had gotten pregnant before marriage. OP felt for her, knowing she’d likely feel as isolated as OP had.

OP wanted to let her know she was there for her and still deserved respect. While helping this girl plan her wedding, the girl asked OP if she would be her bridesmaid.

She agreed and then asked what she should wear. The bride-to-be said that anything in the wedding colors would be acceptable because it would be a small wedding.

OP bought a dress in the bride’s chosen colors of red and black, showed it to her, and it was approved. The agreement was that OP would help in the kitchen and with drinks at the reception.

It Would Be a Simple Courthouse Wedding

The bride was planning a simple courthouse wedding. She asked if OP could be at the reception hall helping to decorate and cook during the wedding ceremony. OP readily agreed, as her main goal was to assist her friend.

OP had been at the reception hall with other women, getting things ready, when the bride and groom arrived, followed by their wedding party and family. To OP’s disbelief, the bride had another girl, someone OP had never met, as her bridesmaid.

The stranger was in a formal red dress and had been with the bride at the courthouse. OP felt utterly embarrassed but didn’t say anything.

One of the women came up and commented on how OP just happened to match the wedding colors—an interesting coincidence. OP laughed it off, saying it was strange while feeling mortified inside.

The Atheist Bridesmaid Moved On

OP had helped with some cleanup, and the bride completely ignored her throughout. She left and never spoke to the bride again.

She had felt humiliated and used. To this day, she can’t believe she never said anything to her.

Although OP never confronted the bride, she has moved on and has a much more stable life outside the temple. She is happily Atheist and has overcome her shame.

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