Trump’s Favorite Secures Top Spot in Louisiana!: The Election of Jeff Landry Sparks Concerns for LGBTQ+ Rights

In a significant political victory for the Republican Party, Jeff Landry, a staunch conservative supported by former President Donald Trump, has emerged as the new governor of Louisiana.

GOP Candidate Assumes Louisiana’s Top Position

The 52-year-old attorney general’s win marks the first time a GOP candidate has assumed the state’s top position in eight years, following the term limits that prevented the Democratic incumbent, John Bel Edwards, from seeking re-election.

Landry’s tenure as attorney general, which began in 2016, has been characterized by his unapologetic pursuit of conservative policies within the state. 

Clashes with Former Governor

His views often led to intense conflicts with the Democratic former governor, John Bel Edwards. 

Notably, Landry made headlines in 2016 when he attempted to block Edwards’ move to require state contracts to include protections against LGBTQ+ discrimination. The dispute escalated to a legal battle when the governor sued Landry for refusing to approve these contracts.

Controversial Bills

More recently, Jeff Landry has become a vocal advocate for a series of anti-LGBTQ+ bills endorsed by Republicans in Louisiana. 

These bills include efforts to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth and a near-total abortion ban devoid of exceptions for cases of rape or sexual assault.

Landry’s Support for the Death Penalty

Additionally, Landry has called for increased “transparency” within the justice system while maintaining his support for the death penalty.

His Gay Brother

The governor-elect has a gay brother who has, on previous occasions, urged him to reconsider his stance on LGBTQ+ rights. Nevertheless, Landry remains resolute in his conservative convictions.

Landry’s Message of Unity 

In his victory speech on October 14th, Jeff Landry emphasized the unity of Louisiana under his leadership, stating, “Today’s election says that our state is united. It’s a wake-up call, and it’s a message that everyone should hear loud and clear: we, the people in this state, are going to expect more out of our government from here on out.”

Strong Electoral Appeal

Landry secured a clear majority of votes, avoiding a runoff election, a rare outcome in Louisiana due to its “jungle primary” system. This victory demonstrates Landry’s strong electoral appeal and consolidates the Republican Party’s position in the state.

His Legislative Agenda

While Landry has expressed his focus on addressing issues such as crime, observers anticipate that his administration will continue to push for anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

This aligns with recent data from the American Civil Liberties Union, which reports that Louisiana has seen the implementation of four anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 2023. 

Of these, two were defeated, while one was eventually passed after being merged with another, leading to the prohibition of gender-affirming care after a controversial disagreement with Governor Edwards.

Challenges for Democrats

Leading up to the election, Louisiana-based pollster John Couvillon noted a “weak” Democratic turnout, signaling a challenge for the party. He explained, “Normally, early voting tends to favor Democrats, and Republicans, as of Saturday night, cumulatively have a plus-5 lead.”

Democratic candidate Shawn Wilson, who finished as the runner-up, acknowledged the will of Louisiana’s citizens during his concession speech, saying, “The citizens of Louisiana spoke, or didn’t speak, and made a decision.”

Implications for LGBTQ+ Rights and Beyond

The election of Jeff Landry as Louisiana’s new governor underlines the shifting political landscape and the continued influence of conservative forces in the state, which will undoubtedly have implications for various policy issues, including those related to LGBTQ+ rights.

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