Electric Cars – Are They the Next Big Censorship Tool or Just Another GOP Traffic Jam of Ideas?

One member of the Republican party claimed in a recent speech that he believes the left plans on making Electric Cars so intelligent that they’ll censor where you can and can’t drive. This comes as a shock to viewers of his speech, which has gone viral on Twitter, as Republicans continue to spread fear amongst their followers.

Are Electric Cars Posing a Censorship Risk?

The issue of censorship has taken a bizarre twist in the world of Republicans as David Barker, a member of the Republican Party, recently expressed his concern about electric cars posing a censorship risk. Yes, you read that right.

Barker made these astonishing remarks during a conservative event where he warned that the left has even “bigger plans” for controlling our lives.

In his speech, Barker highlighted potential future scenarios, stating, “Digital currency that would track and analyze every transaction and block transactions the government disapproves of…”

He said, “AI assistants that advise our children as they grow up, and as adults… In the cloud, controlled by government and corporations that answer to government, these systems have the potential to control us.”

Electric Vehicles Have Gained Immense Popularity, Could Become Instruments of Censorship, Stifling Our Freedom To Worship

But his most outrageous claim involved our electric cars.

Barker suggested that someday when you tell your electric car to take you to church, it might refuse if your church is deemed “wrong” by those in power.

He warned that these electric vehicles, which have gained immense popularity, could become instruments of censorship, stifling our freedom to worship.

Barker’s remarks have attracted widespread ridicule online.

“Well, My Car Won’t Do It Because It’s a Jewish Car. I Went to Its Car Mitzvah”

Social media users wasted no time mocking his statement, with one person quoting him, saying, “Well, my car won’t do it because it’s a Jewish car. I went to its car mitzvah.”

They voiced their dissatisfaction with a beer company partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. However, their attempts at boycotting the famous beer brand Bud Light backfired.

As Dan Crenshaw attempted to stop buying Bud Light, they didn’t realise that Anheuser-Busch, a generous donor to the Republican National Committee, owned it.

Mocking the Republicans’ Failed Boycott Attempt

Dan Crenshaw even filmed himself proudly showcasing an empty fridge, claiming to support the “boycott.”

Viewers then noticed that he had a different beer brand, Karbach, also owned by Anheuser-Busch, in his fridge instead.

The internet couldn’t resist mocking the Republicans’ failed boycott attempt.

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