“Lose Yourself” – Eminem Takes on ‘Mic Dropping’ Ramaswamy: Banning Use of His Rap Music in His Campaign after His Rendition Went Viral

A controversial Republican politician has been slammed by the rapper Eminem for actually rapping his song “Lose Yourself” in a cringe-worthy performance. Now, Eminem’s lawyers are closing down on the Trump take-two.

Eminem Files Cease and Desist

Eminem’s cease and desist move against Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign use of his music.

The real Slim Shady intervenes, demanding that Vivek Ramaswamy cease rapping his iconic music during the campaign.

Eminem’s representative contacted music licenser BMI to revoke Ramaswamy’s campaign license to use his music.

“Lose Yourself”

Delivered In a letter, BMI informed Ramaswamy’s campaign that Eminem objects to the use of his music.

Eminem’s hit “Lose Yourself” takes center stage as the contested track used by Ramaswamy’s campaign.

BMI immediately removed all of Eminem’s works from the campaign’s agreement, following the rapper’s objection.

Warned Against Using the Track Again

BMI warned that any future use of Eminem’s music by Ramaswamy’s campaign would breach the agreement, triggering potential consequences.

Ramaswamy’s unforgettable performance of “Lose Yourself” at the Iowa State Fair captivates the crowd and social media.

A campaign spokesperson reacts to the cease and desist letter, highlighting the unexpected turn of events.

The Underdog Narrative

Ramaswamy’s affinity for Eminem’s underdog narrative echoes his own background and values.

The campaign heated up as Ramaswamy made a memorable debut at the Republican debate, captivating viewers.

Ramaswamy engaged in fiery exchanges with prominent figures like Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and Chris Christie.

Ludicrous Claims

Ramaswamy defied conventional politics, suggesting ludicrous claims like “Climate change is a hoax” and saying the US should take a step back from providing Ukraine aid.

Anticipation builds as Ramaswamy hints at potentially rapping on the debate stage, adding intrigue to the campaign.

Ramaswamy’s witty self-introduction to the GOP debate, a “skinny guy with a funny last name,” grabbed attention and set the light-hearted tone.

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