Emotional Family Tradition Dismissed: Daughter Chooses Store-Bought Gift Over Grandma’s Heartfelt Gesture

A dedicated grandmother divided Redditors when she revealed how upset she was with the clothes her new granddaughter wore home from the hospital. The whole family got in on the drama! Here is the whole story.

Dedicated Mother and Grandma

OP is a dedicated mother to four children and has five grandchildren.

When she learns that each grandchild is on the way, OP gets to work knitting a special outfit for the child to wear home from the hospital.

It’s a tradition that started with OP’s very first grandchild at the request of the baby’s parents. With each pregnancy, the parents-to-be come to OP and ask her for an outfit.

A Beautiful Tradition

The new parents always have specific requests for OP, including a color scheme to represent certain attributes or fortunes they want for their new baby.

OP has a job of her own, and these outfits take months of her spare time to make. But she is happy to do it and loves to see the babies wearing her creations.

When OP’s oldest daughter became pregnant several months ago, she too came to her mother to ask her to knit an outfit.

A Knitted New Addition

The young woman would be having a daughter of her own, and OP was thrilled to be part of the upcoming celebration. She set about making a nifty new outfit and had it ready in plenty of time.

The baby’s delivery turned out to be somewhat complicated, and OP’s daughter had to have a C-section. She and the baby stayed in the hospital for two weeks.

OP stayed by her daughter’s side all that time, visiting every day and helping her get ready to come home with the baby.

Tradition Rejected

And, of course, OP brought the special outfit with her and was all set to help get the baby dressed and ready for pictures when it was finally time to come home.

But at the last minute, OP found out that her daughter wanted to bring the little girl home in a fancy outfit that her in-laws had bought for her.

OP was crushed, but she didn’t make a fuss about the situation. She just continued to help her daughter.

What’s the Big Deal?

It was one of OP’s sons who noticed that his mother seemed down. When he asked her what was wrong, OP didn’t want to tell him.

But the son kept pushing, and OP eventually told him that she was upset about the outfit. She asked him not to tell anyone, but soon enough, the rest of the family was whispering about it.

Then, one day, OP’s oldest daughter called her up. She was angry and wanted to know why her mother was making such a big deal about a baby outfit.

Scolding Grandma

The younger woman told OP that the baby could still wear the outfit she had knitted. It wasn’t worth causing a big stink about.

OP’s daughter also scolded her for trying to make the big moment of her daughter’s homecoming about her and her outfit.

Now, OP is heartbroken about the whole situation. She’s sad that she disappointed her daughter, but she also doesn’t understand why the plans changed without her knowing about it.

Justified Hurt

Redditors are somewhat divided on this situation.

Many of them think OP is justified for feeling hurt and wondering why her daughter wasn’t upfront with her.

But others think OP should have kept her disappointment to herself and agreed with her daughter that she tried to make the moment about her.

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