“Emotional Support Stripper” Moves From Texas to Ukraine to Volunteer – A Surprising Tale of Rocket Launchers and Lingerie

One influencer dropped her previous life in Texas for the daring life as an “Emotional Support Stripper” aimed to help the brave Ukrainian soldiers and their people in an unconventional way.

“Emotional Support Stripper”

An Instagram influencer and OnlyFans model, Fan-Pei Koung, has found an extraordinary niche by becoming an “emotional support stripper” for Ukrainian soldiers engaged in the war against Russia.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Koung has made Ukraine her new home and referred to herself as a “globe-trotting girlfriend, now volunteering in Kharkiv.”

Koung’s content took a peculiar turn, with strip teases choreographed to air-raid sirens, offering ‘free emotional breastfeeding’ to soldiers and volunteers, and posing in lingerie alongside weapons like rocket launchers.

Donating Her Earnings

While the nature of her content is questionable, Koung donates her earnings to humanitarian resources, supporting fellow volunteers and aiding Ukrainians directly.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Koung shared her journey where she initially arrived in Ukraine as a volunteer to assist refugees and work in women’s shelters and orphanages in Lviv, before moving to the country full-time.

Beyond her direct humanitarian efforts, Koung provides emotional support content in English for Ukrainian and international soldiers alike, even as she learns Ukrainian herself.

Neglected Sexual Needs

Arguing that sexual needs are often neglected in a country at war, Koung emphasised her role as a confidante for those who require emotional support, whether they speak English or limited Ukrainian.

Not everyone has embraced Koung’s support as she shared that fellow Western volunteers criticised her in a group chat, accusing her of “inappropriate behaviour.”

After introducing herself to the group chat, she revealed, “These guys just tore me for three days straight! I think there’s a couple hundred people in this group, and they said, ‘You want to make porn off of mass graves?”

Her commitment to Ukraine came at a cost, as Koung saw her Instagram following drop by approximately 5,000 due to her support for Ukraine, “​​ “I’ve lost about 5,000 followers since this whole Ukraine thin,” She admitted.

What’s Her Motivation?

Koung expressed a preference for Ukrainian men, “Ukrainian men, they treat me like an infant. They need to know what I want even before I know what I want. I’ve never been treated like that in my life.”

Koung revealed the first intimate relationship she had in Ukraine was with her personal trainer, “He carried my 50-pound luggage up 13 stories during a blackout,” She revealed.

Back home, Koung admitted to living “Multiple lives,” including winning the first prize at a NASA Space Health Challenge and claiming the title of “Miss Taiwanese American Princess 2015” in a Texan competition.

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