Engaged and Outraged! She Ditches Fiancé at Airport After Sexist First-Class Snub for Her Kids!

A protective mother had Redditors in an uproar when she refused to get on a flight after she found out her fiance bought economy tickets for her kids. You won’t believe who all were in first class! Here is the whole story.

They Were Happily Living Together as an Extended Family

OP is a woman with two children from a previous marriage. She is engaged to a man with three kids of his own, also from a previous marriage.

OP and her fiance live together and split living expenses in various ways.

For example, OP recently quit her job to focus on getting her degree, but she still chips in money from her savings.

Meanwhile, OP’s fiance works and brings home the family’s income. They both do household chores, but OP estimates her share amounts to about 80%.

…. Until His Kids Were in First Class, and Hers Were in Economy

Recently, OP’s fiancé wanted her and her kids to fly across the country for a family get-together at his mother’s house.

The trip fell during a break from school, and the fiance was paying all the airfare, so OP was happy to go.

So, on the day of the outbound flight, OP and her family showed up at the airport. That’s when it all fell apart.

OP discovered that she, her fiancé, and his kids had first-class tickets as they checked in. Her kids, meanwhile, were in economy class.

“You Can Suck It up for a Few Hours!”

OP was shocked and hurt and confronted her fiancé about her kids’ tickets. He shrugged it off, saying they could suck it up for a few hours.

At that point, OP was furious and wanted to know how her fiance thought that was acceptable.

But her fiance got angry right back at her and told OP he was paying for the tickets. His money, his rules, was his take on the matter.

That was the end of the conversation for OP, who turned her kids around and marched out of the airport.

She Left Her Engagement Ring Behind… And Left Him

Her fiancé followed OP through the airport, demanding that she come back. But she told him she no longer had the appetite for a visit with his family.

Eventually, OP’s fiance returned inside and got on the flight with his kids. He called and texted OP to berate her before and after the flight, and he had his mom do the same after he landed.

After some time to cool down back home, OP wondered if she might have overreacted. But then, with some more thought, she made a decision.

While her fiancé was still gone, OP packed up her kids and went to stay with her mom. She left her engagement ring behind.

“Imagine Being Married to Him!”

Redditors fully support OP for standing up for her kids and think the fiancé sounds selfish. Many of them say he gave her a preview of what being married to him would be like.

Some also point out that OP probably would have trouble with her future mother-in-law if she stayed or went back. They see the older woman getting involved so quickly in a family squabble as a huge red flag.

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