Entitled Scumbags Are Caught Leaving Litter on a Balinese Beach After They Pretended To Do a Beach Cleanup on Instagram, TikTokers Are Fuming and Want To Hunt Them Down

Two women visiting Bali were caught on camera pretending to clean up litter on a beach for social media but instead left the trash behind, sparking outrage and highlighting the need for mindful traveling.

Tourists Have Defiled Bali

The Balinese community faces various challenges such as the increasing cost of living and the disrespectful behavior of tourists who defile their homeland. 

Recently, two women who were visiting the Indonesian island appeared to be lending a hand by picking up litter on Pererenan Beach in Canggu. 

They documented their cleanup efforts on camera, creating the impression that they were genuinely concerned about the environment. 

However, once the cameras stopped rolling, they callously discarded the trash bags on the sand and walked away without a care.

Pretending To Clean up the Beach for a Pat on the Back

This incident, which occurred on July 4, generated outrage on TikTok, with commenters from around the world expressing their frustration with these apparent influencers. 

A TikTok user named Noy Roca shared a video on the platform, originally obtained from a friend’s private Instagram account, showcasing the women’s performative actions. 

In the footage, it becomes evident that they didn’t even pick up actual trash but merely sticks lying on the beach. 

They even captured one of them dancing, seemingly celebrating their supposed beach cleanup. After capturing their seemingly commendable videos and photos, they simply gathered their belongings and departed.

“I Think They Are Entitled Scumbags”

Despite someone on the beach urging them to pick up their trash as they left, they ignored the plea.

TikTok users urged the global community to identify these individuals, stating, “TikTok world, do your thing! Find this girl.” Another commenter wrote, “I don’t believe they are uneducated; I think they are entitled scumbags.”

As of now, no footage of their recorded content has surfaced online, suggesting that they may have reconsidered sharing it after witnessing the backlash and alternative perspectives on their actions spread across social media. 

Be a Conscientious Traveler

In the meantime, the Balinese government remains committed to combating ocean pollution. The island implemented a ban on all single-use plastics in 2022, progressively eliminating their usage.

Instances of ill-behaved tourists frequently go viral on the internet, so it is advisable to be a conscientious traveler wherever you may be in the world to avoid contributing to such issues.

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