Entrepreneur’s “Negative and Unfeminine Aura” the Reason She’s Single? Just “Manifest a Positive Love Story,” Says Divorced Sister

At a recent family dinner, Goldy found herself in the midst of a heated argument with her sister over her approach to dating. As tensions escalated, Goldy responded with a burn that would end up splitting the family. Let’s take a look.

Single Successful Entrepreneur

Goldy had a bakery that she started young with the help of her family, and she worked tirelessly to make it a thriving local hotspot.

She was proud of her accomplishments, but her dedication to the bakery came at a cost – romance.

Goldy was 35, single, and childless. Although she had no regrets, she wanted to find love, which was often a topic of conversation during family dinners with her parents and sister.

These family discussions were usually fine, with her parents showing genuine interest in her dating life. They would ask questions like, “How was that coffee date last week?” or “Did you like so-and-so?”

They never pressured her, and they offered their support without judgment if things didn’t work out.

“Negative and Unfeminine Aura”

However, one evening, the atmosphere at the family dinner took an unexpected turn. Goldy was sharing her disappointment about a recent date that hadn’t worked out due to incompatible schedules. Her sister, without prompting, decided to “voice her truth.”

She piped up, claiming that Goldy had a “negative and unfeminine aura” that pushed men away. She said that men would find Goldy’s “energy” aggressive because she “set too many boundaries,” which would scare them away!

These “boundaries” were things like turning down a date on the 4th of July weekend because it’s a HUGE business weekend for her bakery.

Goldy was taken aback by her sister’s comments, and her parents tried to intervene, urging her sister to stop.

“Manifest a Positive Love Story”

But she persisted, telling Goldy that she needed to “manifest a positive love story” and that her negativity was “manifesting failure” in her relationships.

Goldy was furious at this point and blurted out, “Well, maybe if you manifested a job, you wouldn’t be fighting with Tom over child support payments!” 

Her sister had 50/50 custody of her kids and relied on the payments from her ex, Tom, while living with their parents.

Goldy didn’t see anything wrong with her sister’s choices, but what bothered her was that her sister constantly complained about not having expensive items.

Unemployed Sister

One instance that sprung to Goldy’s mind was when her sister had a fit of jealousy over her friend being gifted a Chanel bag for her anniversary.

To make matters worse, she refused to find a job, even when her father had offered her a well-paid administrative job at his company – she “hated sitting for so long.”

The tension escalated, and her sister began to cry at the dinner table, prompting the family to cut the dinner short. Goldy’s parents found themselves in a difficult position, trying not to take sides in the heated argument. 

However, they later asked Goldy to apologize because her sister had taken to social media, accusing Goldy of “weaponizing her poverty” and being a bully! Her sister even threatened not to attend their mother’s upcoming birthday party unless Goldy apologized.

Was She Wrong?

Goldy struggled with her decision, and this was when she turned to Reddit for advice. While Goldy believed her sister deserved it, she also knew that her mom was upset, and she didn’t want to cause further family tension. So she had to ask Reddit, “Am I wrong for “weaponizing” my sister’s “poverty” during a family dinner?”

The Reddit community had a lot to say about Goldy’s fiery comeback during that family dinner. Many admired her quick wit and saw her response as a justified burn. 

They acknowledged that maintaining peace was essential, but sometimes, a line had to be drawn, especially when someone was throwing stones from their own glass house.

One user aptly said, “Funny how she, who has split up with her children’s father and appears to be not in a romantic relationship herself, thinks she has relationship advice to impart to someone else. And funny how she, without a job, feels the need to dictate to you how to strike a work/life balance while keeping the business you own afloat. She’s divorced & living with her parents. Why hasn’t she been able to “manifest a positive love story?”

Manifest an Apology

The consensus among many was that Goldy had every right to respond the way she did, given the criticism she received.

They argued that her sister had overstepped by offering unsolicited advice, “You didn’t “weaponize” her poverty, you observed it. Are there gentler ways to point out that she isn’t qualified to be giving you life advice? Yes. But given that her criticism of you was neither requested nor constructive, she has no right to expect you to be protective of her feelings at that moment. I don’t think you owe her an apology.”

One Redditor quipped, “Tell her to manifest an apology from you, and if it doesn’t happen, she’s just been manifesting with too much negative energy and an aggressive, unsisterly aura.”

The Reddit community was on Goldy’s side and thought that she had simply responded in kind to her sister’s comments, but what do you think? Did she go too far?

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