Everything Happened in Slow Motion as He Smashed Into a Huge Glass Pane, but It Got Him Promoted!

OP, a dedicated car salesman, was once given the routine task of repositioning a powerful V8 sports car inside the showroom. This showroom was a spectacle in itself, with large, imposing glass windows that added to its grandeur. The task involved maneuvering the vehicle in reverse.

All in Slow Motion

The floor of the showroom had been freshly mopped, causing it to be more slippery than usual. OP, experienced with manual transmissions, set the car to what he believed was reverse.

As he released the clutch, he felt the wheels slip, leading him to assume it was due to the wet floor. His solution was to give it a bit more power.

With a slight increase in power, instead of smoothly reversing, the sports car launched forward with a jolt. It sped towards the magnificent glass pane, smashing into it with a hard crash.

Thankfully, the car had a hard top, or the situation could have been even worse. The impact was so strong, the entire glass pane shattered.

He Was Breathalyzed

This incident happened early morning, right before the store’s opening on a busy Saturday. The broken glass pane was enormous, extending about 20 feet in both width and height. The situation was, without a doubt, a disaster.

Following the accident, OP was summoned to the General Manager’s office. He was asked for his account of the events, and to take a breathalyzer test.

Having had no alcohol that day or the previous one, OP passed the test with no issues. He admitted his mistake, bracing himself for the consequences.

OP asked the inevitable question, “So…am I fired?” The General Manager’s response was surprising, he laughed and said, “You are too expensive to fire now.”

He Was Now in Charge of Cautiously Moving Cars!

He further explained the cost of replacing the broken glass would probably surpass the cost of the car that had caused the damage.

In a turn of events, OP was put in charge of moving cars inside the showroom. It was believed that he would be the most cautious after this incident.

However, the traumatic event led OP to refuse moving cars in the showroom for about a month. Gradually, he took up his new responsibilities and managed to avoid further accidents.

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