Treated “Worse than Russia” – In Exclusive Tucker Carlson Interview Hungarian Prime Minister Slams Biden and Problems with “Liberals in Power”

After his dismissal from Fox News, Tucker Carlson has interviewed many controversial figures, including Donald Trump. This time, he traveled to Hungary to talk to the pro-Russian prime minister, who had some fiery views to share about the Biden administration.

Treated “Worse than Russia”

In an exclusive interview, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban bemoaned his nation’s treatment by the United States, likening it to treatment “worse than Russia.”

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson engaged in a friendly discussion with Orban, reaffirming their shared opposition to liberal ideologies.

Orban raised concerns about Hungary’s unequal treatment by the U.S., questioning why his country, a NATO ally, was treated more unfavorably than Russia.

The cancellation of a double taxation agreement and the Biden administration’s lack of support during Orban’s re-election upset the Hungarian leader.

Biden Withheld Support

While Biden withheld his support, former President Donald Trump endorsed Orban’s re-election bid.

Orban suggested involving Trump to achieve peace in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, proposing an unconventional approach to diplomatic negotiations.

As the Russian invasion continued, the United States pumped billions into Ukrainian security efforts, providing essential military assistance.

Carlson’s 2021 documentary on Hungary included his one-on-one conversation with Viktor Orban, delving into topics like immigration, European politics, and bilateral relations.

Committed to Maintaining a Solid Relationship

Orban emphasized his government’s commitment to maintaining a solid U.S.-Hungary relationship; however, he blamed liberals by saying, “Everything is fine except politics. The problem arises when liberals are in power in Washington.”

Carlson’s visit to Hungary sparked intrigue and speculation as he conducted interviews with influential figures, including Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić at the National Athletics Centre.

The former Fox News star, Tucker Carlson, drew millions of viewers to his right-leaning show despite the controversial stance he took on a daily basis.

Following a defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems, Fox News reached a substantial settlement, leading to a shake-up of prominent personalities, including Tucker himself.

Tucker on Hungary

In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, Carlson’s show and Fox News raised concerns about the election process, including the role of voting machines.

Carlson’s controversial show on Fox News provided a platform for conservative viewpoints, becoming a key outlet for Republican-leaning discussions.

Carlson may have lost his job, but he certainly hasn’t been out of work, most notably in his recent interview with Donald Trump on the same night as the first GOP Republican debate.

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