Expected to Support His Pathological Liar Brother: He’s Repeatedly Sabotaged His Life and Brotherly Bond, No Way!

A fed-up man refused to help his brother and his young children when they fell on hard times. Now, even his parents have turned on him. Here is the full story.

Brotherly Love Faced Difficulties

OP is a man in his mid-30s who has had a strained relationship with his younger brother for almost their entire lives.

The two men are only 2 years apart in age, but OP’s brother is anything but a friend or an ally.

The problem started when OP’s brother was just a kid, about 7 years old. That’s when he began telling hardcore lies, and he hasn’t let up since.

All during their childhood and early adult years, OP bore the brunt of his brother’s lies.

Far Fetched Lies

One time, the brother told OP’s girlfriend that he had cheated on her with her best friend.

Another time, when an expensive ring went missing from a friend’s house, the brother told him that OP took it. The ring actually did get stolen, but OP didn’t take it.

And little brother was always lying to their parents about where OP was at night and what he was doing. He just loved to stir up trouble.

Suck It Up

It always ended in a blowup when the brother’s lies were exposed, and OP always came out worse for the wear.

But because he was the older sibling, he was expected to just suck it up and accept his bro’s halfhearted apologies.

The breaking point for OP came when he was 22 years old and had been dating the same girl for 3 years.

They were very serious, and OP thought they would end up together, but then his brother struck.

He Sabotaged His Relationship

In particular, OP’s brother told the girlfriend that OP had run out on a previous GF after she had his baby.

OP’s girlfriend believed the lie at first, and the couple had a huge falling out.

She eventually realized she was wrong, but there was no going back, and they were done.

After that incident, OP told his brother he never wanted to have contact with him again, and he hasn’t.

Enjoying Life at a Distance

Now, 15 years later, OP is married with 4 kids of his own, and he’s enjoying life.

Not only has he not seen his brother, he has limited contact with his parents since they never backed him up.

Recently, though, OP’s parents contacted him to let him know that his brother had fallen on hard times.

OP’s brother had been married and lived with his in-laws. But his wife died suddenly, which exposed some of his lies.

Pathological Lies Causing Problems

The in-laws booted OP’s brother when they learned the truth. Then he lost his job, again due to his pathological lying.

With nowhere to turn, OP’s brother had come home to live with his parents. He also brought his kids.

Now OP’s parents want him to make up with his brother. They also want him to help out financially since they can’t afford a whole new family on their own.

But OP wants no part of any of it and told his parents that his brother is finally facing the consequences of his action.

Stay Away

OP’s folks are trying to guilt him by saying he’s turning his back on innocent children, but he does not think his brother’s kids are his responsibility.

Redditors almost unanimously support OP’s and think he should stay as far away from his family as possible. 

They agree that OP’s nieces and nephews are not his responsibility, and many think his brother will mess him over yet again if given the chance.

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