Experienced Traveler Warns of Shocking Hazards That Could Be Lurking in Your Hotel Room!

In a recent TikTok that went viral, user Marie, @t_marie_the_fa_bartender, spilled the beans on what not to do when checking into hotels, and her revelations are downright chilling. She shared eye-opening tips that will leave you vigilant during your next hotel stay.

Shocking Hotel Secrets

While working as an air hostess, you get your fair share of hotel visits. Marie has learned some valuable tricks of the trade and is keen to share the shocking secrets of the hotel industry.

One of Marie’s tales revolved around the innocent-looking shower products hotels provide. “Don’t use them unless they’ve been secured,” she warned.

According to her, people refill those bottles with “crazy things” like hair removal cream.

She went on to caution against using certain coffee machines and unwrapped cups since they’re difficult to clean, so who knows what previous guests have done to it.

“I’ve Heard People Have Done the Unmentionables in Those”

She says about the hotel ice bucket, “I’ve heard people have done the unmentionables in those.”

The TikTok tipster concluded with an unsettling advice: take an anti-bacterial spray to sanitize the furniture and other items in your hotel room.

The comments section of the viral video was flooded with additional suggestions from concerned viewers.

“I Travel With a Mini Spray Bottle”

“And wipes, ziplock bags for remote, spray bed take covers off as well,” One person urged.

Another user even admitted, “I travel with a mini spray bottle, and I spray everything with alcohol til damp and let it dry. All sheets and upholstery.”

Do you have anything you’d add to this list from your hotel experiences? We want to hear them in the comments.

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